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when tarzan meets jane..

Friday, July 9, 2010

last 6th of july was our 13th 6th day.so we spent time outside our usual playground,a bit far from jatinangor.we went to taman safari indonesia in bogor.it's an open safari.we could feed the animals (the tamed ones of course).it was so much fun!i felt like we were in the jungle.like tarzan and jane!

we watched a lot of animal shows there.we were educated by the guardians and learned things about the animals that we would never know.such a good place for children to learn!i'm going to bring our children here someday.hee~a good place for recreation too.=)

ohh..i had two big wishes that i really wanted to fulfill when i went to the safari.i would really like to have a CLOSE LOOK at the dolphins and TOUCH a snake!guess what?i made it!!!ohhh..let's just make the pictures do the talking..

i was so excited.and it was a very delightful experience.the sleek feeling when you caress the back of the dolphin..ohhh!!!i want to do it again!!

you could never imagine how feeble my knees were that moment.haha!!but i made my way.it was not that bad.it felt good to overcome your weakness.i think i can hold a snake (which poison has been removed,ok?) once again if i ever got the chance =) .

p/s: another adrenaline rush through my coward veins.can't wait to have another one.

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