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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i got myself a new boyfriend. a boyfriend that i have never seen for entire life. how did i end up having another boyfriend?curious?of course i won't leave Adin! he's my precious..*like how gollum LOTR would say*=) you guys think i'm two-timing?hell no~sheeshh..it's my newborn nephew!yeay! he was born on friday, last 24th september. he's a libra like his grandpa. hey, baby aiman haiqal..will you like your aunty lola here? don't be afraid of me ok?*though i'm tough to your uncles and other aunty*

hmm..another life is born on friday.it runs in the blood i guess. all of my siblings were born on friday. good for us.it's the day of blessing. hey dear nephew..you go grow up and be a respectable person inside out. never afraid of failure, just get up whenever you fall. we'll always be there to give you helping hands.

with love & hugs,
aunty lola..

p.s: to adam and kak ekin, may Allah bless your family with never ending happiness.

life is not a garden of flowers

hey..it's a very long hiatus for this blog eh?i'm very sorry. i was kind of on the verge of throwing everything away, including my social life.ha.ha.i'm really not into anything. though i'm pushing myself. i felt like my heart is broken and torn apart. i felt like crying, but the tears wouldn't come out.

for some unclear reason, i was secluding myself to the corner and i didn't feel like telling anybody about it. not even to him. he probably didn't realise any of these. he might be even thinking of me being childish and selfish and all the -ishhh you can list down. yeah. no need to worry since he won't read all the craps in my blog anymore. usually i'd tell him whenever i post up something on my blog. i know i'm being pushy here.well, not anymore. pretty sick of being a vain. anyway, it has been quite some times since the last time i told him to read my entry.hmm..

i was a bit frustrated when some of my dearest BFF didn't wish my birthday. *see..i was being childish again at the age of 23.for God sake, grow up lola!* i actually did not mind because i know they always remember me and they actually had circumstances they needed to settle.and yet the sadness really crushed my heart.it was loneliness. i knew it. sorry dears..i was being such a pain in the ass. and i'm so sick of my childishness. please bear with me.

this is the end of me. i'm searching for a better me.wish me luck.

p.s : a little attention would do.
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