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Saturday, June 25, 2011

won't be around for a month.
will be serving the community at rural area in Tasikmalaya.
hope everything will be fine.
hope i can enjoy this community service.
pray hard for me.
do miss me eh?

p/s: will be listening to nora elena's OSTs along the way.

p.p/s: it's gonna be a bumpy and spinning-head road tomorrow.wish me luck!

heart of a woman

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wanita.perempuan.gadis.makhluk Tuhan yang dicipta dari tulang rusuk Adam.

orang kata, kami perempuan..letaknya bukan di atas kepala untuk dijunjung.bukan juga di bawah kaki untuk dipijak injak *apatah lagi disepak terajang*. perempuan letaknya dalam rangkulan tangan sasa lelaki untuk dilindungi.dekat benar dengan jantung dan hati,untuk dikasihi.

sekeras mana lagak seseorang perempuan, masih ada ruang dalam hatinya yang tetap lembut.yang pasti lentur acapkali dirayu lelaki.sekasar mana aksi seseorang perempuan, tetap dalam dirinya punya hati yang ingin disayangi.yang akan menangis sendirian saat sepi dalam kerinduan.

so,it's not a bizarre sight to see a woman cries over a romantic scene in the movie.it's not weird when a woman wishes her man to be a little bit more romantic than usual.it won't be an unusual reason if a woman fell for just ONE rose with a simply "hi" note.

and it sure is not an awkward statement when i say that i am this type of woman.yes.i am a hopeless romantic person.but,hey..at least i know how to distinguish between TV series and reality.that's for sure.haha.

to every man out there, layan jela bila gf, tunang or wife korang buat perangai sewel/angau kat mana2 hero movie/drama yang diorang tengok.korang pun tau,diorang bukan dapat pun kat hero tu.lagi pun kami perempuan2 ni sedar yang itu semua,hanya lakonan semata.tapi itulah hiburan hati kitorang.hihi..tapi kalau korang ambik inisiatif nak jadikan hero2 tu sebagai sumber inspirasi korang bila gf,tunang or wife korang merajuk..haa..lagi bagus!huhu.

ok.merapu lebih.what i was trying to say is that,a woman's heart is easily moved by anything.it's just simply every single thing in the world can make a woman cries.orang suka label hati perempuan ni fragile.aku tak sepenuhnya setuju.sebab aku lebih merasakan hati perempuan ni is a heart of change.woman is a creature with unstable emotion.

IMHO la..just saying. =)

the lost song *finally i found it back!*

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Monday, June 20, 2011

hey..sorry for the long silence.i've got to admit that i had finished my final exams for a couple of days and yet,i haven't post up any decent entry..hmm..truthfully,i'm not in the mood.i'm not stable.i have a lot to share,a lot in my mind.about my lost darling purple umbrella.about our batch won the Olymphiart.about i'm on diet.about almost everything.

but somehow i feel a little bit lost somewhere along the way.feel like there's no reason for me to write.like i've lost the reason to live (figurative speaking, of course).

but tonight i feel compelled to write instead of this perpetual awkward feeling inside me,that has kept me from writing all this while, which i don't know why.keep on typing,deleting.. type..delete..undecided.maybe i just need a little bit more time.

will you wait for me?

Taj Mahal cintaku

another 6th day!

Monday, June 6, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary 
my cinta heart!

p/s: you know how much i love you.
there's no need to tell the whole world.
i'll let you know when we are skype-ing later .
then you'll know how much you meant for me ;P

the day after tomorrow

Saturday, June 4, 2011

it's exam season.can't write much.have a great weekend!=)
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