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Monday, June 6, 2011

happy 2nd anniversary 
my cinta heart!

p/s: you know how much i love you.
there's no need to tell the whole world.
i'll let you know when we are skype-ing later .
then you'll know how much you meant for me ;P

3 pssstt:

gule gule gtah strawberry said...

woot woot licious! :D

aan jaafar said...

hee..happy anny ~mine is on 23rd..but he's not even in msia..and I don't know if he even have time to read my blog..uhuk3...

Lola MK said...

gule2 gtah stroberi: weeewwwiitt!!!

aan jaafar:thank u..wish u happy anny too!it's tomorrow rite?hope kite same2 together dgn psgn msg2 hingga akhirat..insyaAllah..=)

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