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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

awww~~anak2 sedaraku,(=anak2 sepupu) mak iti rindu kamu semua laa..anyhow, tetiba je daku teringat,tahun lepas,birthday adin,daku demam jua..dengan adin pun demam sama.hope dia tak jatuh sakit kat syria sana..jangan lupa pakai baju tebal sikit ye sayang..tutup sikit hidung tu,jangan kasi debu2 masuk, nanti sneeze tak henti2..ohhh,sangat anxious la daku ini..haih..

baru balik dari jatos..mula2 keluar pergi bank,ibu hantar duit untuk bayar balance sewa bilik through western union last week, tapi tak sempat ambik last friday,so nak tak nak,kena tunggu weekdays..hmm..lepas tu, baru ke jatos..dah lama plan nak masak udang sambal petai,so ingat nak beli udang tadi,sekali rasa tak ada pulak mood nak makan sedap2.tengok ayam pun,rasa baik tunggu adin balik,tak sedap la makan sorang2 kan..

beli cereal and milk for breakfast,adin cakap balik dia nak makan puding pondan (ooppss~jangan salah faham ye,pondan itu adalah sejenis brand makanan segera seperti puding di sini).so dah beli awal2..nanti adin balik,boleh la buat,pastu adin datang makan je terus!yeay!!last2 beli sardin,kubis dengan red apples and grape juice je..

topup kat sukawening tadi,sampai now tak masuk2..apalah pakcik ni..haih.. singgah kedai makcik,beli beras dengan telur.teringat ada makaroni kat bilik.wuhhuuu~~ok la 2..sorang2 ni bukan ada selera sangat pun kan..haha~ok laa..kepala daku dah start sakit semula..nak rehat jap..bye~

a birthday wish from a far away land..

happy birthday my love, 
ahmad fakharuddin kamil bin ahmad dardiri.
even though we are million miles apart, 
across the seas and blue oceans, 
i wish u a very warm happy birthday.
may Allah bless you in whatever path you choose.

p/s: i'm so sorry it's a very short entry..
unfortunately,i'm not feeling well..
(demam rindu ke lola? ;P)

jangan buat saya sedih

Monday, June 28, 2010

please don't make me hoping high to the moon cause the stars are too far for my hand to reach too.promise me nothing if you don't have intention to cherish me.no matter what, i'll be holding to your promise.just please don't break it, cause i don't want to think that i've been betrayed by the person i believe in most.

it's not funny!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

it feels like a week already..i haven't get used to days with no class like now.with adin travelling to Jordan to attend his sister's graduation (congratulation Dr. Siti Sarah Ahmad Dardiri!).my days seem to be a little bit empty.oh i'm not ashamed to admit that.but i don't like people make fun of it.what's with the laughs and teases?does that give you pleasure looking at your friend suffocating?

people can call me "poyo" cause i act like this.call me whatever you want.so what?one thing that this kind of people must bear in mind : i will never treat them like that if this kind of thing happened to them.it's not nice you know.my heart is aching, burning each time you people mocking me.hold back my tears, not to cry and look childish in front of you guys.

i'm trying to be strong here,not to worry and think the most stupid thing that might happen.so stop act like you guys are totally cool (cause you're not) and i ain't just another silly girl who is falling in love head over heels with my bf, so PLEASE..i beg you.if you just can't hold back your tongue,then just get out of my sight,you don't have to tell me things that hurt me.thank you, but no thanks!

p/s: spending my time watching movies.nice.=)

happy thoughts!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ok..i know this sounds absurd but i really want to post another entry,for today in less than 5 minutes.haha!don't worry,this is going to be a short one from me.i just want to clear up my mind before i start revising.i guess i can only think of happy thoughts to make me forget all of those bad feelings.not good for your soul during the exam season.you have to cheer up so that your mind is in a peace state,and all the stuff can be stashed into your brain.

so my happy thoughts started from the day before yesterday.when i passed my SOOCA,i was like in a cloud cuckoo land.but alhamdulillah..i'm so grateful to Him,to bestow me this beautiful gift to present to my family.thank you Allah..and the thing that couldn't keep me from smiling that day,was Adin also made his way in the SOOCA with a huge success!congratulations dear.. (^_^) 

yesterday,me and Adin had our dinner at the Garden Cafe at the rooftop of Ciwalk,(what an amazing view there!)as to celebrate our belated anniversary and our success in SOOCA.then, i got my mom a brand new handbag which i really fond,and a purse for her.no particular brand,but they look fabulous!wee~ =)

and we watched karate kid.i know it's kind of late compared to my friends,but who cares?i enjoyed it very much!better late than never people!oh.oh.another one,Adin bought me a pair of pretty wedges as a present for our belated anniversary!thank you sayang!

i think that's enough happy thoughts for me to sustain another two days and complete my final.wish me luck people!may the best woman win!


i still have 2 more tests before i finish my final exam.and i know that i can't go back next month since i have to sit for the remedial examination since my NBSS result is a trash!(it's really hard to accept when you never learn the word failure since you were born..).it's ok.at least i can study more on NBSS and prepare for the CVS,next semester,if i ever passed and get promoted to the 3rd year study,insyaAllah..may Allah have mercy on me..

but when it comes to CRP (lab exam),it gives me this stupid and idiotic impression that i feel like.. "oh,crap!".i thought i could run from this statistical stuff when i choose this course.someone told me that UNPAD is the only university that makes this minor thesis thingy.find!i have no opposition to this minor thesis.but why do i have to do the counting and statistic or whatsoever that related to S.T.A.T.I.S.T.I.C.??!!!!i don't want to be a researcher!if i want to make a new drug or make any astounding discovery,i'll pay someone just to do the statistic part for me!!aahhhhh!!!!!!i'm pressured!!!

i think my eyes will burst into tears if i let this feeling go on.astaghfirullahalazim..may Allah give the strength and the knowledge needed for tomorrow..

p/s: bertahan lola..

sangat comel ok..

Monday, June 21, 2010

p/s: credit to mr. yoyo..found this at his blog..so cute!

bila saya pakai celana..

Friday, June 11, 2010

sometimes i don’t think i live my life as i should.i always hold back.always hesitate to act.never have the gut to live my world.my very own world that i’ve created so long ago.never crossed the line. wait. i can’t say that cause i’ve crossed wayyyyy from the line that should NEVER be reached in the first place.i guess at least i did something in the past.a mistake to be precise.well,we learn from mistakes right?but when mistakes could give you pleasure, it has become some kind of drug cause you’ve become addicted to it.and each person has their own drug that they have to fight off the fatal crave to have it once more.and i have mine.my very own personal drug.and yet,i’m fighting the urge to indulge myself.i don’t want to live in that kind of life.drowned in my own hallucination of eternal heaven.it sounds more like a doom for me.i mean the real me.
i know that i’m always different from the others.from my siblings.my friends.my clique.always.and somehow i know that i’m trying very hard to be like someone else.someone that is “normal”.i can’t describe here with my own words in what term “normal” can be.cause everytime i tried to be “normal”,i would end up feeling in a massacre.despite that, i usually make myself believe that it’s ok to be me.there’s no need for me to be somebody else.cause nobody’s perfect. and i cannot be someone else because nobody can be me.
i am so having a chronic major inferior complex.haha.what a crap.i guess i have to learn to give a go whenever i feel like i want to do something.nobody can stop me.it’s not like i want to rob Swiss Bank or something, so why should i be hesitant to taste a few drop of adrenaline in my vessel?when i’ve become older and look back,i don’t have to be ashamed of living such a dull life and die in boredom.bluergh~ such a creepy thought to think.. 
i crave for adrenaline rush.i don’t want to be afraid.i wish to get rid of this cowardice in me.i hope for NO regret in my dear life.so please spare me.cause it’s just difficult for me to search the life that i’ve always dreamt.i guess human never get satisfied with whatever they have huh?well,at least i’m very grateful to HIM,The Almighty for letting me to breathe the air,to see the world and to learn from life that He has bestowed me.so let’s hit the ground cause the time glass will never be turned back..=)

i wish to have the ultimate kind of adrenaline rush like this one 

p/s: i just copy & paste from my tumblr.
it's originally my work anyhow. =)
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