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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wow!finally!the last exam for the semester!*excluding the remedial papers of course,wish i don't have to take those papers*this morning i had my minor thesis seminar..and i have a good feeling about getting an A for it since i don't know the real marks cause they only told me that i've passed it,and what amused me was the remark of "passed with a quite good mark" haha~Dr. Agnes is so cute.

i'd like to convey my special gratitude to all doctors present today.especially Dr. Usep..thanks for not asking anything.haha.and thanks to Dr. Agung for volunteering yourself to become my additional examiner..tak pasal2 aku dapat 4 examiners..semua orang ada 3 je kot..gila..so tolong bagi markah cantik2 sikit ye..thanks to Dr. Adhi, Dr, Sadeli and of course Dr. Agnes.for Dr. Ongka, good luck for your thesis.i pray that you'll get an A, so please give me one too ok?hee..

now,it's gonna be a little more busy week for me..shall do the final revision and submit all 6 books to the faculty. pack up all the things into big boxes and here we go again,moving to a new place.a new home.a new life.Bandung,here i come!graduation?ohh, that has been postponed to May..so,let's just hope there'll be no more last minute changes.*wink*

stronger and stand a little taller

Saturday, January 14, 2012

i'm not giving up.
despite of all the unnecessary disturbance.
physically and emotionally.
it is late to start today.
but it's never too late to start.
better late than never right?
pray for me.

p.s: i really need to go back before starting my life as co-assistant..

S. Ked will be in hand..SOON

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

thirty-first..another step closer

Friday, January 6, 2012

happy 6th day!
"i love you" you said.
"i love you more" i replied.
"i love you most!" 
your response really got me.

i have loved you for a thousand years..
i love you for a thousand more..

singing heart

Monday, January 2, 2012

done with childish tears full of pride
that i have lost my magic touch
no more glorious laughter
nor the luckiest charm
in the crib i'm here to succumb..

endlessly efforts to embrace
with the blessings prayed
stop the crying lullaby
and besiege the chances passing by
just to cling to the life 
and live as i wish to be alive..

post SOOCA syndrome

biasalah tu..bukan habis SOOCA je..habis OSCE..semua la..mesti nak bantai nangis.hari ni SOOCA terakhir di bumi Jainangor.dapat case family medicine: OVERWEIGHT.dah study..dah hafal tajuk2 *dan semesti bersama inti2nya* yang patut dibentang kalau dapat kes ni.dah ingatkan diri sendiri,jangan gamble,even dengar rumors yang masuk cuma last 5 cases*overweight was excluded* lepas tu saya dengan beraninya gamble untuk melepaskan kes2 tu..lepas tu bila dapat soalan..memang tercengang.haa..nasib baik tak melalak kat depan Dr, Nadjwa..mau dapat pelempang percuma.apa lagi nak tak nak, cuba remind balik..cuba korek semula apa ada dalam otak ni.. habis kepala berdenyut2..haish..

sekarang nak salahkan siapa?semua orang tak nak family medicine case sebab tu syllabus baru.tak ada guideline yang lengkap dan betul.lepas tu aku dapat family medicine case.nak salahkan siapa?pastu Adin dapat tropical medicine: acute bacterial meningitis and he got an A *congrats sayang!* and aku buat family medicine dapat C+ nak salahkan siapa?aaarrggghhh~stressed!at last i cried,disappointed with myself for not trying harder.i cried because Ibu asked me why Adin got an A and i did not even get a B?why C?*and yet she congratulated me* what a FAILURE......*crying*

padahal dah tak ada rezeki..nak buat macam mana..however...i'm very grateful indeed for passing this final SOOCA before entering my clinical years..Alhamdulillah ya Allah atas kurniaan-Mu ini. sesungguhnya aku bersyukur dan reda dengan setiap ketentuan-Mu.i know..He knows what is the best for me.and it's destined to be that this is my share of experience.dan aku reda dengan ini ya Allah..

tapi syukurlah..lulus SOOCA terakhir ni..tak perlulah nak remedial Jumaat ni..boleh focus OSCE pulak.sekarang kena sambung belajar untuk bioethics paper and public health paper pulak..

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