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bau nasi minyak *wink*

Friday, October 28, 2011

i can smell "nasi minyak" from Indonesia..woot! woot! well, well..not mine of course..my brother is getting engaged in the early December. and someone who is indeed very dear to me is on her way to take another huge leap in her life to be someone else's wife at the end of the year! what a wonderful wrap up of 2011 for me. i feel extremely happy for them. *smiling from ear to ear*

well, to my brother, Idris Ridwan, it's time for you to learn how to take responsibility,bro.wish you a very good luck!hantaran telekung aku pos lepas exam ye?hihi..

and for you, my darling..*you know who you are* i wish you all the very best. *langkah bendul ni..jangan lupa hadiah untuk kakak2mu sekalian..haha* tanggungjawab seorang wanita itu bukan hanya pada suami & keluarga..kamu ada tanggungjawab terhadap agama & negara juga..jaga diri, suami & anak2..sayang kamu hingga Akhirat nanti..pesanan ringkas dari teman seperjuangan..pesanan lengkap nanti aku kasi on the spot.huhu..*i'll be waiting for the formal invitation card ok?*

p.s : i know my turn won't come. at least not in the near future..but i shall wait..patiently. :)

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turn on the NERDY mode

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

p.s : trying the wordless Wednesday post. 
from now on, will be posting photos  
under the label picturesque in the eyes.

temporary freedom

Monday, October 24, 2011

finally it has come to its end. tomorrow will be my last day to collect the specimens from my final 5 subjects. yeah~ i feel good! 16 specimens are done with their tests. tomorrow, i'll be observing for the next 8, do the second culture for the 6 samples taken this morning, and culture the 5 final samples. i'll finish my thesis this week, inshaAllah~

alhamdulillah..semoga tiada halangan..ya Allah bantulah hambaMu ini dalam menyempurnakan segala urusannya..limpahkanlah rezeki yang Kau halalkan dari bumiMu ini..Amin~

p.s : i've wasted my precious time. ya Allah, pinjamkan sedikit kekuatanMu padaku..


Sunday, October 23, 2011

saya rindu ibu saya.

Sunday is ending

tomorrow is Monday. 
what a short weekend. 
let's be positive, Lola!

my Jatinangor sky.

Monday, October 17, 2011

there's always a silver lightning behind every dark cloud..be positive!

i saw this at the side door (my entrance) of the house..
beautiful isn't it?

cuba try test: homemade coleslaw

hi!as i promised in the previous post, i'm gonna share with you a not-a-secret-anymore recipe, the yummylicious coleslaw!wee~let's start with the ingredients..

cabbage, carrot, mayonnaise, milk, limes, vinegar, salt and sugar

first, mince the cabbage.

put them into a big bowl

then, mince the carrot

and mix with the cabbage

add mayonnaise. a lot of it.

and some milk *can you see the low fat sign?hehe*

squeeze some lime juice.

a little bit of salt and sugar.

wrap with the plastic wrapper and cool it in the fridge.


that is what i call resepi yang mudah,tepat, ringkas, cepat, dan padat!korang boleh beli ayam goreng, or goreng ayam sendiri, then makan dengan coleslaw ni together with sos cili thai..macam KFC kan? tak payah bazir duit korang beli KFC. gunalah duit tu untuk shopping ke, belanja i ke..hehe..kidding. baik korang guna duit tu untuk beli buku, lagi elok!

so sorry sebab simple sangat..tak ada measurement pun..sebab badan dah letih sangat. sudah tiba masanya beta beradu..hihi. you guys agak2 la ye..kalau ada terkurang rasa, tambah2 la mana yang patut.huhu..selamat mencuba!

morning scribble

Sunday, October 16, 2011

it's Sunday already!ahhh~ bila nak study ni..asyik mengantuk je. lepas tu entah kenapa pangkal kaki ni sakit pulak. ada terduduk kat mana2 yang tak patut ke?ke dah lama tak bersukan?or pakai jeans ketat sangat?padahal dah gemuk sampai favourite jean yang longgar *dulu* --> muat2 *before this* --> ketat *now* malas betul nak fikir.

one of my friend is finishing her thesis today, and all left for her is paperwork. then,she will only be waiting for sidang in the end of January. cool kan? it took her the whole 2 weeks to do all the culture and identification of microbes in a flash. and i actually think she had lost some weight when we met last night, watching Man U vs. Liverpool. i only met her once in the past 2 weeks. she was so busy. ke hulur-hilir lari nak kejar itu ini macam tak cukup tanah aku tengok.huhu.

saya sangat tiada mood. blogging sambil dengar Fly.fm streaming. serabut sungguh otak ni. nak bercerita, tapi tiada mood. maaf. ohh..tomorrow, my group will have makan2. i malas nak cook, so i volunteered myself to make coleslaw since it's western theme this time. maybe you guys have already known how to make it.or you guys can just google  the recipe, right? i guess i saja nak share with you. i've helped in doing it for Adin's group last Friday. it's a practically simple, cheap and most important,it's scrumptious macam coleslaw KFC! i'll share the recipe later ok?i'm preparing the coleslaw tonight.so i may be post up an entry about it tonight or tomorrow morning. ;)

till then..love & peace.

fluctuation of emotion

Saturday, October 15, 2011

i feel good for the past few days despite of some unpleasant situations that can be left out of the frame, i'm pretty good.*happy* i've just realised that my mid semester (UTS) is just around the corner, and i haven't cover anything yet.oh no!*nervous* but i still have time. i should start right away.*relax* i gave the permission letter to the Polsek (Polisi Sektor) Jatinangor yesterday and they said i can start taking specimens next Tuesday. wow! that's fast.err..so i have to start my thesis eh? but i haven't bought the blood agar and optochin disk and other stuff..guess i have to start a bit later.*down* eh,hey! i'm selected into the Bandung's netball team!wee~we'll be starting this Tuesday too.i'm so excited!*perky*

well, i have covered my entire week in 5 up-down emotions.haha!

a late post in the early morning

this should be posted on last 6th October. it was 6th day but i was a bit busy and tired from the hustle and bustle life of mine. so, i apologize..

orang cakap, kita ni dekat.
tiap hari jumpa.
tiap hari bertentang mata.

orang cakap, kita ni selamat.
ada orang nak jaga saya.
ada orang nak masak untuk kamu.

orang cakap, kita ni bahagia.
senyum sepanjang masa.
pergi ke mana mesti berdua.


orang tak tau
kita macam orang lain juga.

awak tak layan saya..
sebab main game angry bird.
saya merajuk.

saya bersiap lambat..
padahal nak pergi makan je pun.
awak dah muncung.

kita tak mahu beralah..
hanya sebab metabolism of lipid dekat case review tu tak jelas
awak tanya saya balas
sampai saya pun naik malas.
tapi jawapan yang dicari masih tak lengkap
sudahnya kita berdua yang tak bercakap.


walau gaduh sampai kita menangis pun
walau tak bercakap sampai besok pagi pun
walau bengang macam mana pun
walau geram menahan marah sekali pun

awak tetap pujuk saya..
awak tetap datang pada saya..
awak tetap cari saya..
awak tetap sayang saya..

dan saya pun macam tu..=)


another rush..

Monday, October 3, 2011

it's quite relax for a Monday. i even had a meeting with the girls over some netball issues for the upcoming Bandung Games 2011. nope. i won't be the one handling it anymore. it's time for me to take part since it's gonna be the last time before leaving for clinical this February, insyaAllah..i'm looking forward to playing with the other girls. i miss netball. a lot. i miss the sweats, the inevitable "tanned" skin, and the aftermath. gosh..adrenaline. you know what i mean. it's my stuff baby..i haven't indulged myself for a very long time. yeah. i'm pretty sure to enjoy myself to my heart's content.

i wish we can have this forever

Sunday, October 2, 2011

From the first time we met each other
I knew that we’d be together
I saw in your eyes
It’s just a matter of time

Don’t know if this feels like the real thing
Tell me what to do where do I begin
Don’t know where to start
Should I let you in my heart?

And all it took was one touch, one kiss
I’ve never felt love like this
I pray, I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It’s always gonna be about us
Just don’t go and break my heart
Baby don’t go and break my heart
I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing’s gonna tear us apart
Just don’t go and break my heart
Baby don’t go and break my heart

Girl you know now that we’re together
I won’t leave your side forever
You know that I’m yours
Baby you’re my only girl in the world

Now I have no reason to be alone
Fell in love with you, you are now my home
I’ll always be true
I see no one else but you

goodbye September..

Saturday, October 1, 2011

it's October 2011 already. can't imagine how time flies so fast, leaving behind everything that i treasure and carving the memories in my mind. there's still time for me. there's always time for everyone. please be good to me October. and good luck to my little brother for the upcoming PMR. just do your best. nothing else matters..=)
 i actually don't plan on blogging today. but since i've already here, so i just want to leave some traces and notes to tell that i'm ok. life still has mercy on me. hee~ and i have nothing else to say.*clusters of words in my mind. and i don't have the mood to write them right now.*

till then..peace & love!
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