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Saturday, October 15, 2011

i feel good for the past few days despite of some unpleasant situations that can be left out of the frame, i'm pretty good.*happy* i've just realised that my mid semester (UTS) is just around the corner, and i haven't cover anything yet.oh no!*nervous* but i still have time. i should start right away.*relax* i gave the permission letter to the Polsek (Polisi Sektor) Jatinangor yesterday and they said i can start taking specimens next Tuesday. wow! that's fast.err..so i have to start my thesis eh? but i haven't bought the blood agar and optochin disk and other stuff..guess i have to start a bit later.*down* eh,hey! i'm selected into the Bandung's netball team!wee~we'll be starting this Tuesday too.i'm so excited!*perky*

well, i have covered my entire week in 5 up-down emotions.haha!

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