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Sunday, October 16, 2011

it's Sunday already!ahhh~ bila nak study ni..asyik mengantuk je. lepas tu entah kenapa pangkal kaki ni sakit pulak. ada terduduk kat mana2 yang tak patut ke?ke dah lama tak bersukan?or pakai jeans ketat sangat?padahal dah gemuk sampai favourite jean yang longgar *dulu* --> muat2 *before this* --> ketat *now* malas betul nak fikir.

one of my friend is finishing her thesis today, and all left for her is paperwork. then,she will only be waiting for sidang in the end of January. cool kan? it took her the whole 2 weeks to do all the culture and identification of microbes in a flash. and i actually think she had lost some weight when we met last night, watching Man U vs. Liverpool. i only met her once in the past 2 weeks. she was so busy. ke hulur-hilir lari nak kejar itu ini macam tak cukup tanah aku tengok.huhu.

saya sangat tiada mood. blogging sambil dengar Fly.fm streaming. serabut sungguh otak ni. nak bercerita, tapi tiada mood. maaf. ohh..tomorrow, my group will have makan2. i malas nak cook, so i volunteered myself to make coleslaw since it's western theme this time. maybe you guys have already known how to make it.or you guys can just google  the recipe, right? i guess i saja nak share with you. i've helped in doing it for Adin's group last Friday. it's a practically simple, cheap and most important,it's scrumptious macam coleslaw KFC! i'll share the recipe later ok?i'm preparing the coleslaw tonight.so i may be post up an entry about it tonight or tomorrow morning. ;)

till then..love & peace.

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