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Sunday, September 30, 2012

hey, i'm back! guess where i am?i'm at Majalaya! never heard of that place? mestilah..tempatnya agak jauh dari kota Bandung yang megah tu..adalah dalam 2 jam bawa laju2 kat jalan yang sungguh tak tipu, tak rata..sampai sakit badan ni..adoyai..anyway, back to the story..what am i doing here? i am currently at the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and i'm doing my rotation ala2 outstation la..we are given the opportunities to taste the sensation of being an independent doctor,particularly in the field regarding obstetrics. here, we will be experiencing in helping parturition (giving birth), curettage (abortion with medical indication), and so on..sounds exciting kan?so, doakan untuk saya terus bersemangat dan bertahan di sini ya kawan2.. :) oklah..dah mengantuk ni..badan pun sakit..tekak pun masih mual sebab pening dengan travel tadi..later we story2 lagi ok?bonne nuit!

Maybe i just think too much?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bonjour!hey..there's something going on today but i don't have any clue what is it all about.i feel burdened and i don't know why.i woke up in the morning with a feeling of laziness.but Adin has cheered me up a bit though.at this moment,when everyone else is lost in their own world,i'm suffocating inside.i need to do something to soothe my mind.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i'm sorry.it has been almost 6 months..but i have yet found the time to sit and share my story with you.i miss this place.the only place where i can be myself, where i can let myself loose without being bothered with those scrutinizing eyes. i shall be back, writing to my heart's content. i shall do..

low back pain

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Anniversary Addin Lollaby!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

we might be fighting over unimportant matters
but we love each other

i might cause you upset
and you might make me enraged
but we love each other

in a blink of eye
it has been three years 
and we still love each other

adapting with each other
learning the kindness and tenderness
accepting the flaws and shortcomings

let's forget all the reasons that make our relationship won't work
and focus on every single reason that make it will work
because i love you and you love me too

happy 6th day & happy 3rd anniversary, my love..

i've fallen for you..i always do :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

damn. demam heartstrings pulak i sekarang ni. ada satu pengakuan which may sound like the utmost narcissistic confession ever done in my entire life.hahaha.lantak korang nak kata i perasan ke apa ke. ada i peduli? ;P

kenal tak manusia sebelah kiri tu?laa..itu kan i..you all tak kenal ke?.haha.sumpah perasan lagi pembohong.sorry la ye..gurau2 je..hehe.sebenarnya nak tanya kenal tak yang sebelah kanan tu?dialah jung yong hwa..member of CN Blue, kumpulan Korea yang famous tu..*kenal dia pun sebab dia join Running Man a couple of times and he was amazing!* the reason i suddenly cerita pasal dia adalah.....................

pada satu hari, i pergi kedai gambar sebab faculty mintak gambar sekian keping dengan ukuran sekian2..bila i dapat gambar i, i rasa pelik sangat sebab muka x macam muka i langsung. i nearly tak mengaku tu muka i.hahaha..nak dijadikan cerita, baru2 ni i tengoklah drama heartstrings ni..and i tiba2 dengan perasaan PERASAN yang hebat merasakan muka i macam muka yong hwa dalam drama ni.*sila ketawa sekarang.*hahahahahaha~ok,i don't even know where did i get that idea from, mungkin saja imaginasi i ni melampau hingga menimbulkan ilusi tanpa menimbulkan halusinasi. oleh kerana kemungkinan ini adalah delusi  i sebagai sibling yong hwa yang dapat disangkal dengan kewujudan surat beranak i yang berasal dari Malaysia, itu hanya dianggap sebagai idea..ok.fed up cakap bahasa psychiatry. you all layan je la i malam ni ye.sumpah mengantuk tapi bosan. hehe. anyway, if you all rasa tak ada persamaan..tak apalah..mata masing2 kan? ;)

p.s: yaa,jung yong hwa! uri olgureun dongil! ottoke? ;P

p.p.s: to Mr. Addin Kamil, try la main gitar lagu dalam video tu..dedicate lagu ni untuk kamu..*blush blush*

fragile heart

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

more than often
but not always
when my heart becomes fragile
i need to cry
urged to shed my precious tears
because my heart aches so much.

more than seldom
but less than sometimes
my heart is broken into pieces
but to put them back together,
seems like there's not even a single try.

when i push myself
trying to heal the scarring heart
is always like an unfinished dream
a movie with no ending.

more than forever
longer than eternity
and this is my vow
to keep our promise.

guiltily pleasurable

Friday, March 30, 2012

bon soir everyone~i'm glad to be back in front of my notebook typing word by word, thinking of how to convey my feelings through my jumbling words.though..another rambling post from me tonight about my new experience working in the hospital.and please do not bother how stupid i may sound.i am learning and still coping with it.

anyway, from what i've been observing and analyzing so far,i am very much fond of this new field. my job is absolutely exciting! kalau dulu belajar skills on mannequins.now, you have to do it on a real body.a real result waits from every test you do, every question you ask will determine the fate of a patient.gosh,tell me how can i not love my job. 

however, for the past 4 weeks, i have also felt the downsides of this life. the sacrifices you have to make every now and then. how you have to fight your gastric every single day because your preceptor doesn't even care if it was lunchtime. how you have to force your eyes open until 6 o'clock in the morning because you have to observe your patient every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or every hour and your attendance for the next day full of classes and patients to follow up should be signed at 7. please tell me why can't i stop loving this job?

and of course there was this one moment, this very particular moment, i thought of hating this pure and sacred work.i nearly cursed myself for choosing this course. and it was after-rained time, i was walking back home alone with a sour face because the road was sloppy and full of mud. and i hate to stain my clothes and shoes. and suddenly there was this middle-aged man said, "selamat sore,dok~" in a cheerful and respectful way with a sincere-looking smile curved on his lips with gleaming eyes. 

i was taken aback for a while. not for the fact that a  stranger had just approached me, but for the kindness in his voice. a voice full of expectations and hopes that wished me the very best, so that i can proudly graduated from his homeland and served my country as the most honorably person should do to repay all the cooperation and helps the fellow citizens had given to us. i felt a little twitch deep in my heart. i knew, i had betrayed the faith others had in me. and i was deeply sorry for it.

next thing i knew, i was back on track. and here i am. yes.may be i'll be ranting and moaning over some small matters again. but insyaAllah..i'll never stray too far from the path. my heart, insyaAllah will not waver, though i have to face those displeasing skin disorders. *a little secret to reveal; i can't even look skin-problem-images in the dermatology books that i used to cry most of the nights when we were learning dermatomsuculoskeletal system back then*

so, yes. i'm loving my job. and i'm thanking every one for all the supports given to me in any way, shown or hidden secretly, directly or indirectly.thanks for the prayers and may you too, are showered with blessings from Him. 

till then..

p.s : i wished the stranger back and smiled.

p.p.s : Allah sent me a stranger to guide me,back to where i belong. Alhamdulillah..


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

do you smile like that when you were on the phone talking to me?

happy vs. hectic

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


hi!i'm sorry for the long silence..my new hustle and bustle life as a co-assistant in Hasan Sadikin Hospital had prohibited me from getting in touch with my beloved blog. surprisingly, i have survived and i am barely alive. adapting to the new surroundings so that i won't be getting any embarrassing moments of having what the society has been calling culture-shock. it's literally hard and taking its toll on me. i think i'm starting to see *imagining and hallucinating* wrinkles at the edge of my eyes. eye bags do not bother me as much as i did before. weary but i'm enjoying my new life. i have learned so much and yet there are plenty more of nature-wonders to be discovered every single day!so many things are done differently and i appreciate every element of diversity in this institution. hell yeah, i love my job! i want to share more of these..but i guess i'll do that some other time.

may Allah hold my heart and lead me the way to attain His blessings..

두근 두근

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

wow!finally!the last exam for the semester!*excluding the remedial papers of course,wish i don't have to take those papers*this morning i had my minor thesis seminar..and i have a good feeling about getting an A for it since i don't know the real marks cause they only told me that i've passed it,and what amused me was the remark of "passed with a quite good mark" haha~Dr. Agnes is so cute.

i'd like to convey my special gratitude to all doctors present today.especially Dr. Usep..thanks for not asking anything.haha.and thanks to Dr. Agung for volunteering yourself to become my additional examiner..tak pasal2 aku dapat 4 examiners..semua orang ada 3 je kot..gila..so tolong bagi markah cantik2 sikit ye..thanks to Dr. Adhi, Dr, Sadeli and of course Dr. Agnes.for Dr. Ongka, good luck for your thesis.i pray that you'll get an A, so please give me one too ok?hee..

now,it's gonna be a little more busy week for me..shall do the final revision and submit all 6 books to the faculty. pack up all the things into big boxes and here we go again,moving to a new place.a new home.a new life.Bandung,here i come!graduation?ohh, that has been postponed to May..so,let's just hope there'll be no more last minute changes.*wink*

stronger and stand a little taller

Saturday, January 14, 2012

i'm not giving up.
despite of all the unnecessary disturbance.
physically and emotionally.
it is late to start today.
but it's never too late to start.
better late than never right?
pray for me.

p.s: i really need to go back before starting my life as co-assistant..

S. Ked will be in hand..SOON

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

thirty-first..another step closer

Friday, January 6, 2012

happy 6th day!
"i love you" you said.
"i love you more" i replied.
"i love you most!" 
your response really got me.

i have loved you for a thousand years..
i love you for a thousand more..

singing heart

Monday, January 2, 2012

done with childish tears full of pride
that i have lost my magic touch
no more glorious laughter
nor the luckiest charm
in the crib i'm here to succumb..

endlessly efforts to embrace
with the blessings prayed
stop the crying lullaby
and besiege the chances passing by
just to cling to the life 
and live as i wish to be alive..

post SOOCA syndrome

biasalah tu..bukan habis SOOCA je..habis OSCE..semua la..mesti nak bantai nangis.hari ni SOOCA terakhir di bumi Jainangor.dapat case family medicine: OVERWEIGHT.dah study..dah hafal tajuk2 *dan semesti bersama inti2nya* yang patut dibentang kalau dapat kes ni.dah ingatkan diri sendiri,jangan gamble,even dengar rumors yang masuk cuma last 5 cases*overweight was excluded* lepas tu saya dengan beraninya gamble untuk melepaskan kes2 tu..lepas tu bila dapat soalan..memang tercengang.haa..nasib baik tak melalak kat depan Dr, Nadjwa..mau dapat pelempang percuma.apa lagi nak tak nak, cuba remind balik..cuba korek semula apa ada dalam otak ni.. habis kepala berdenyut2..haish..

sekarang nak salahkan siapa?semua orang tak nak family medicine case sebab tu syllabus baru.tak ada guideline yang lengkap dan betul.lepas tu aku dapat family medicine case.nak salahkan siapa?pastu Adin dapat tropical medicine: acute bacterial meningitis and he got an A *congrats sayang!* and aku buat family medicine dapat C+ nak salahkan siapa?aaarrggghhh~stressed!at last i cried,disappointed with myself for not trying harder.i cried because Ibu asked me why Adin got an A and i did not even get a B?why C?*and yet she congratulated me* what a FAILURE......*crying*

padahal dah tak ada rezeki..nak buat macam mana..however...i'm very grateful indeed for passing this final SOOCA before entering my clinical years..Alhamdulillah ya Allah atas kurniaan-Mu ini. sesungguhnya aku bersyukur dan reda dengan setiap ketentuan-Mu.i know..He knows what is the best for me.and it's destined to be that this is my share of experience.dan aku reda dengan ini ya Allah..

tapi syukurlah..lulus SOOCA terakhir ni..tak perlulah nak remedial Jumaat ni..boleh focus OSCE pulak.sekarang kena sambung belajar untuk bioethics paper and public health paper pulak..

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