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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

hi!i'm sorry for the long silence..my new hustle and bustle life as a co-assistant in Hasan Sadikin Hospital had prohibited me from getting in touch with my beloved blog. surprisingly, i have survived and i am barely alive. adapting to the new surroundings so that i won't be getting any embarrassing moments of having what the society has been calling culture-shock. it's literally hard and taking its toll on me. i think i'm starting to see *imagining and hallucinating* wrinkles at the edge of my eyes. eye bags do not bother me as much as i did before. weary but i'm enjoying my new life. i have learned so much and yet there are plenty more of nature-wonders to be discovered every single day!so many things are done differently and i appreciate every element of diversity in this institution. hell yeah, i love my job! i want to share more of these..but i guess i'll do that some other time.

may Allah hold my heart and lead me the way to attain His blessings..

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