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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Friday, November 25, 2011

saya tak suka pergi kuliah apabila kurang sihat,sebab sering jadi emosi.dan saya sangat emosi hari ini.

and someone has just made me excessively extra emotional today by saying something that is extremely irritating

1.aku TAHU la kau orang besar.tapi adakah kerana aku orang kecil,aku tidak punya tanggungjawab seberat yang kau pikul?

2.aku cuma nak dengar kau minta maaf je.mahalnya..

3.pantang betul pada aku kalau orang cakap aku ni manusia inconsiderate.aku kalau selfish,tak adalah aku nak layan benda ni semua.

4.nak kata aku tak fikir orang,kau yang tak fikir orang lain.bukan kau je yang banyak kerja.ooppss,lupa.orang besar kerja lagi banyak.

mentang2 aku ni kuli batak je.mentang2 aku ni tak ada jawatan tinggi.tak payah nak pandang aku macam aku ni tak tahu cara berorganisasi.

hello,aku dah puas pegang jawatan.dah bosan nak layan pangkat.please la.evaluate balik diri kau.

p.s: ya.saya sungguh emosi.

p.p.s: aku copy & paste dari twitter.malas nak taip balik.

p.p.p.s: okthanksbye. 

correction!his name is Muhammad Aiman~

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Monday, November 21, 2011

hi! it's me again~yeah.i'm sort of in the mood of blogging today, hence the second entry is posted. well, i just remembered of the latest episode of Glee.hmm..actually, i'm not a Glee lover in fact, i don't even try to watch it. but since Hajar, my housemate, insisted that i need to watch it for the past 3 weeks, i come to a conclusion, Glee is not that bad after all. fyi, i don't like HSM.like seriously hate it.*that's why i dislike Glee* but Glee is kind of acceptable if you know what i mean.

so this particular mash-up song performed by Santana and her friends (is it The Treble/Trouble Tones,i'm a bit confused.haha!) Rumour Has It/Someone Like You has caught my eyes, ears and heart.yes i love it to bits.please enjoy it too..

p.s : i think i like Kurt.he's so cute.gedik gila weh!

my fairy tale

bonjour!it's a lovely Monday morning i say.it's not too bright and not too cloudy.just nice to suit my mood.lovely!actually, i'd love to share with you people about something that i've been thinking of so long. fairy tale.everyone has their own childhood fairy tale. Cinderella was one of my favourite, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, Aladin and the list went on and on.

and the new generations have Transformers and Power Rangers. They even have Harry Porter to enlighten their boring days. Yes JK Rowling has done me a favour in broadening my imagination world. Thanks!

anyway, there's this one more story that has reached my heart and my life has surely been implicated by the series. Thanks to Miss Liyana Zaini for introducing me to the Twilight Saga. when i was a kid, it was Cinderella that gave me such a deep and satisfying feeling whenever i read it. but now, when i've become a grown-up, i didn't think that i would be affected so much like this, turning into a helpless romantic person i am.

it was an unsettling feeling, wishing that the saga will never end. i remembered how terribly i cried when i read the novels. how a lovely and amazing fairy tale it is to me. i wish it was real. it was like the first and the best fairy tale ever told to me. for once, i couldn't care less what others would think of me. i don't care how ridiculous i look in Adin's eyes. i don't even give a damn if people think of me as stupid and naive for feeling head over heels for this fictional story.

because this is my fairy tale. it is indescribable mix of feelings. i wish nothing but to keep this feeling in my mind and become the most beautiful memory of fairy tale ever.

Thank you Stephanie Meyer.

p.s : all the images are credited to bing.

let's roll and dip!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

p.s : go ahead and sell me out and i'll lay your ship bare.

p.p.s : don't underestimate the things that i will do.

a short visit from Malaysia

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

To Miss Y

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sometimes all you need is a little care.
sometimes all you want is a little attention.
but when distance make things fall apart
instead of strengthening the bond,
it hurts your fragile heart so bad
that i don't know how you're gonna get through this.
all i can do is to hope that you'll be fine.
and to pray that you'll be strong.
may Allah helps you to heal the wound and scar.
*BIG hugs for you dear*

p.s: in case you need an ear,i'm here. :)


Sunday, November 6, 2011

happy 6th day.
i love you.

good bye..till we meet again in the Hereafter..

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Papa Li,
your moustache always scared me when i was little.
you love to call me "kerepot tendot" which i don't know what does it mean.
and i hate it so much cause it doesn't sound cute to my ears. ;P
i don't even think it has any meaning at all.hehe.
but i think it means si kecil yang menyusahkan.huhu.

i grew up without proper guidance from a man called Father..
and you..though you are only my Mother's brother,my uncle..
my Papa Li..you were always there.

kita ingat dulu..
kita tak ada duit nak bayar duit repeat paper Chemistry..
Papa Li yang bank in dalam account..
"dah..ambik duit tu,bayar paper,belajar elok2.jangan tanya2.."
terima kasih.. :')

kita ingat ada tahun tu,
kita tak ada duit nak beli baju raya..
Ibu suruh minta Papa Li tapi kita malu.
bila Ibu paksa telefon Papa Li
rupanya Papa Li cuma nak kita belajar minta tolong dari orang..
jangan tanggung masalah sendiri2.
Papa Li bank in senyap2..banyak..
sebelum kita call, Papa Li dah bank in duit..
"dah2..Papa Li dah bank in pun duitnya..pergi beli baju raya cantik2.."
terima kasih.. :')

kita nak ambil driving license..
tapi duit gaji McD tak cukup..
tiba2 Papa Li tanya berapa lesen kereta..
terus Papa Li bagi duit kat Ibu..
"dah..pergi belajar bawak kereta tu.."
terima kasih.. :')

banyak lagi yang Papa Li dah tolong kita..terima kasih sangat2..and kita baru tau yang Papa Li dah tak ada..Papa Li dah pergi.. tapi kita kat sini..tak boleh balik..tak dapat jumpa Papa Li untuk kali terakhir..and the only picture of us that i have is this one..

Papa Li..kita minta maaf tak dapat balik. kita minta maaf dari hujung rambut sampai hujung kaki. halalkan makan minum, duit dan semua yang Papa Li dah banyak korban untuk tanggung kita..kita minta maaf sebab tak sempat jadi doktor to cure your heart problem and prevent you from getting stroke for the second time.i'm truly sorry..

kita jumpa di Akhirat ya?

p.s : can't write anymore.

p.p.s : terkilan sekali lagi.

p.p.p.s : kita sayang Papa Li..

bikin aku panassssss!

bonjour! this post should be about my preparation for Aidiladha celebration.but, that can wait. i'm totally pissed off right now. eeee..geramnya.. disrespectful people are sure getting on my nerve. damn it.

saya bukan orang yang menitikberatkan tradisi senior-junior because what i want from my JUNIORS/seniors is a little RESPECT. saya bukan nak anda rukuk sujud pada kami. kalian lebih baik sujud pada Allah yang Esa. tapi yang saya butuh dari kalian adalah menghargai kewujudan kami sebagai mahasiswa yang lebih senior dari segi umur & angkatan. nothing's wrong with asking the permission from the head of bureau or at least to let the elder member of the group to know about that particular event.

do you know how hard it is to establish that KENCANA group?do you know that you have to attend an audition, which WE have planned but yet to hold. ini slumber yaya slumber wawa korang gather your friends and call yourselves KENCANA..HOI!aku belum mati lagi eh?aku belum pergi KOAS pun lagi. even though ada orang minta korang untuk perform. aku tak kisah kalau korang nak buat apa pun. menarilah. modelling laa. go ahead. but let us know. and DO NOT use nama KENCANA sebab aku cuma nampak sorang je budak KENCANA dalam tu.

paling tidak, beritahulah ketua biro. sakit hati tau? korang nak bengang ke kalau aku post macam ni?korang tak patut rasa bengang sebab KAMI PUNYA BENGANG LAGI BESAR dari korang punya. please.kami senyap bukan bermakna kami tak tahu. kami diam bukan kerana kami tak nampak. and obviously our silence doesn't mean that we agree to ANY of these.

you don't lose anything by showing a little RESPECT to others, instead you gain more from us.

with that, i thank you.

p.s: bak kata Sara, "WE ARE STILL KENCANA."

losing the track of time

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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