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To Miss Y

Sunday, November 13, 2011

sometimes all you need is a little care.
sometimes all you want is a little attention.
but when distance make things fall apart
instead of strengthening the bond,
it hurts your fragile heart so bad
that i don't know how you're gonna get through this.
all i can do is to hope that you'll be fine.
and to pray that you'll be strong.
may Allah helps you to heal the wound and scar.
*BIG hugs for you dear*

p.s: in case you need an ear,i'm here. :)

2 pssstt:

yananana said...

boleh x nak rasa untuk diri sendiri? hehe. thanks dear :) insya Allah jumpe bandung games nnt kay?

Lola MK said...

boleh~hihi.insyaAllah kita jmp nnt.:)

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