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Monday, November 21, 2011

bonjour!it's a lovely Monday morning i say.it's not too bright and not too cloudy.just nice to suit my mood.lovely!actually, i'd love to share with you people about something that i've been thinking of so long. fairy tale.everyone has their own childhood fairy tale. Cinderella was one of my favourite, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, Aladin and the list went on and on.

and the new generations have Transformers and Power Rangers. They even have Harry Porter to enlighten their boring days. Yes JK Rowling has done me a favour in broadening my imagination world. Thanks!

anyway, there's this one more story that has reached my heart and my life has surely been implicated by the series. Thanks to Miss Liyana Zaini for introducing me to the Twilight Saga. when i was a kid, it was Cinderella that gave me such a deep and satisfying feeling whenever i read it. but now, when i've become a grown-up, i didn't think that i would be affected so much like this, turning into a helpless romantic person i am.

it was an unsettling feeling, wishing that the saga will never end. i remembered how terribly i cried when i read the novels. how a lovely and amazing fairy tale it is to me. i wish it was real. it was like the first and the best fairy tale ever told to me. for once, i couldn't care less what others would think of me. i don't care how ridiculous i look in Adin's eyes. i don't even give a damn if people think of me as stupid and naive for feeling head over heels for this fictional story.

because this is my fairy tale. it is indescribable mix of feelings. i wish nothing but to keep this feeling in my mind and become the most beautiful memory of fairy tale ever.

Thank you Stephanie Meyer.

p.s : all the images are credited to bing.

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