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Monday, November 21, 2011

hi! it's me again~yeah.i'm sort of in the mood of blogging today, hence the second entry is posted. well, i just remembered of the latest episode of Glee.hmm..actually, i'm not a Glee lover in fact, i don't even try to watch it. but since Hajar, my housemate, insisted that i need to watch it for the past 3 weeks, i come to a conclusion, Glee is not that bad after all. fyi, i don't like HSM.like seriously hate it.*that's why i dislike Glee* but Glee is kind of acceptable if you know what i mean.

so this particular mash-up song performed by Santana and her friends (is it The Treble/Trouble Tones,i'm a bit confused.haha!) Rumour Has It/Someone Like You has caught my eyes, ears and heart.yes i love it to bits.please enjoy it too..

p.s : i think i like Kurt.he's so cute.gedik gila weh!

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