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Monday, October 3, 2011

it's quite relax for a Monday. i even had a meeting with the girls over some netball issues for the upcoming Bandung Games 2011. nope. i won't be the one handling it anymore. it's time for me to take part since it's gonna be the last time before leaving for clinical this February, insyaAllah..i'm looking forward to playing with the other girls. i miss netball. a lot. i miss the sweats, the inevitable "tanned" skin, and the aftermath. gosh..adrenaline. you know what i mean. it's my stuff baby..i haven't indulged myself for a very long time. yeah. i'm pretty sure to enjoy myself to my heart's content.

3 pssstt:

iamme said...

nak adrenaline? 31st October. bahahaha!

norfaridahanum said...

woohohoo...nak men netball ngan ko gak!

n yes babe,we had a program last weekend n i enjoyed being the participants.malas dh nak urus2 nih.

Lola MK said...

miza: miza jahat..tak terpikir pn..until u mention that date.hahaha!

anum: yup..kinda miss to c u jumping n flying around.haha..

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