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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i still have 2 more tests before i finish my final exam.and i know that i can't go back next month since i have to sit for the remedial examination since my NBSS result is a trash!(it's really hard to accept when you never learn the word failure since you were born..).it's ok.at least i can study more on NBSS and prepare for the CVS,next semester,if i ever passed and get promoted to the 3rd year study,insyaAllah..may Allah have mercy on me..

but when it comes to CRP (lab exam),it gives me this stupid and idiotic impression that i feel like.. "oh,crap!".i thought i could run from this statistical stuff when i choose this course.someone told me that UNPAD is the only university that makes this minor thesis thingy.find!i have no opposition to this minor thesis.but why do i have to do the counting and statistic or whatsoever that related to S.T.A.T.I.S.T.I.C.??!!!!i don't want to be a researcher!if i want to make a new drug or make any astounding discovery,i'll pay someone just to do the statistic part for me!!aahhhhh!!!!!!i'm pressured!!!

i think my eyes will burst into tears if i let this feeling go on.astaghfirullahalazim..may Allah give the strength and the knowledge needed for tomorrow..

p/s: bertahan lola..

2 pssstt:

Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

"study je,mn tau esk lusa di masa dpn kena guna"
tu yg aq slalu ckp kat diri sndr utk mensemangatkn diri utk study benda2 mcm CRP ni,
tp tiap kali msuk lab CRP rasa mcm study bahsa asing,
spatah haram xpaham!

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

thank u for the supportive advice~

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