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Sunday, June 27, 2010

it feels like a week already..i haven't get used to days with no class like now.with adin travelling to Jordan to attend his sister's graduation (congratulation Dr. Siti Sarah Ahmad Dardiri!).my days seem to be a little bit empty.oh i'm not ashamed to admit that.but i don't like people make fun of it.what's with the laughs and teases?does that give you pleasure looking at your friend suffocating?

people can call me "poyo" cause i act like this.call me whatever you want.so what?one thing that this kind of people must bear in mind : i will never treat them like that if this kind of thing happened to them.it's not nice you know.my heart is aching, burning each time you people mocking me.hold back my tears, not to cry and look childish in front of you guys.

i'm trying to be strong here,not to worry and think the most stupid thing that might happen.so stop act like you guys are totally cool (cause you're not) and i ain't just another silly girl who is falling in love head over heels with my bf, so PLEASE..i beg you.if you just can't hold back your tongue,then just get out of my sight,you don't have to tell me things that hurt me.thank you, but no thanks!

p/s: spending my time watching movies.nice.=)

2 pssstt:

Al-Tuah Al-Shahab said...

emo nmpk,
chillex la,
xkan dah rindu kot br 2-3 hari,
insyaAllah dia selamat..

the hell with what people said,
but dont waste your free holiday time with worrying somethin that supposed to be unworried thing..

p/s:jom buat group party..pick time & place, ada yg balik msia ke?

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

ohh..thank u..pasal de org blik mlysia ke tak,aku tak tau la plak.rase cm tade.haa..ko plan kn la weh..aku boring ni..tp arini aku dmam..haha..so kite g mkn2 dan bsukaria kt bsm nk?huhu,tp ni suggestion akuje la..

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