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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ok..i know this sounds absurd but i really want to post another entry,for today in less than 5 minutes.haha!don't worry,this is going to be a short one from me.i just want to clear up my mind before i start revising.i guess i can only think of happy thoughts to make me forget all of those bad feelings.not good for your soul during the exam season.you have to cheer up so that your mind is in a peace state,and all the stuff can be stashed into your brain.

so my happy thoughts started from the day before yesterday.when i passed my SOOCA,i was like in a cloud cuckoo land.but alhamdulillah..i'm so grateful to Him,to bestow me this beautiful gift to present to my family.thank you Allah..and the thing that couldn't keep me from smiling that day,was Adin also made his way in the SOOCA with a huge success!congratulations dear.. (^_^) 

yesterday,me and Adin had our dinner at the Garden Cafe at the rooftop of Ciwalk,(what an amazing view there!)as to celebrate our belated anniversary and our success in SOOCA.then, i got my mom a brand new handbag which i really fond,and a purse for her.no particular brand,but they look fabulous!wee~ =)

and we watched karate kid.i know it's kind of late compared to my friends,but who cares?i enjoyed it very much!better late than never people!oh.oh.another one,Adin bought me a pair of pretty wedges as a present for our belated anniversary!thank you sayang!

i think that's enough happy thoughts for me to sustain another two days and complete my final.wish me luck people!may the best woman win!

2 pssstt:

~ nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar ~ said...

at least kak lola dah tgk
adek sya pon bkn maen bangga da tgk
bile nk kuar jatos ni

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

haha..da cuti ni..g la tgk sya..tp cite die same ngn yg dlu pny karate kid

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