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Monday, June 20, 2011

hey..sorry for the long silence.i've got to admit that i had finished my final exams for a couple of days and yet,i haven't post up any decent entry..hmm..truthfully,i'm not in the mood.i'm not stable.i have a lot to share,a lot in my mind.about my lost darling purple umbrella.about our batch won the Olymphiart.about i'm on diet.about almost everything.

but somehow i feel a little bit lost somewhere along the way.feel like there's no reason for me to write.like i've lost the reason to live (figurative speaking, of course).

but tonight i feel compelled to write instead of this perpetual awkward feeling inside me,that has kept me from writing all this while, which i don't know why.keep on typing,deleting.. type..delete..undecided.maybe i just need a little bit more time.

will you wait for me?

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