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muhammad aiman haiqal

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

i got myself a new boyfriend. a boyfriend that i have never seen for entire life. how did i end up having another boyfriend?curious?of course i won't leave Adin! he's my precious..*like how gollum LOTR would say*=) you guys think i'm two-timing?hell no~sheeshh..it's my newborn nephew!yeay! he was born on friday, last 24th september. he's a libra like his grandpa. hey, baby aiman haiqal..will you like your aunty lola here? don't be afraid of me ok?*though i'm tough to your uncles and other aunty*

hmm..another life is born on friday.it runs in the blood i guess. all of my siblings were born on friday. good for us.it's the day of blessing. hey dear nephew..you go grow up and be a respectable person inside out. never afraid of failure, just get up whenever you fall. we'll always be there to give you helping hands.

with love & hugs,
aunty lola..

p.s: to adam and kak ekin, may Allah bless your family with never ending happiness.

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