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segala pujian hanya bagiMu ya Rahman..

Monday, July 5, 2010

alhamdulillah..segala pujian dan syukur kupanjatkan ke hadrat Ilahi atas limpah kurniaNya ke atas kejayaan aku dan adin untuk melayakkan kami bagi meneruskan pengajian buat tahun ketiga.walaupun masih ada perbaikan yang akan dilakukan,sesungguhnya kami bersyukur dengan rahmatNya ke atas kami..

cewaahhh..kasi ayat novel ala2 biografi sikit la kan..hihi..but i absolutely mean those words =).i want to take this opportunity to thank my family who support me no matter what especially my mom.she listened to all my babbling and my crying over certain papers that i flunked which had passed eventually, my friends who gave the pushes needed by a lazy bug like me.especially hajar and syazana.thanks a lot girls!and the doctors who guided me along the way though some of you might dislike us,the foreigners.

and the most important person in my life,adin =) thank you so much~ you helped me to get through all those hard times.waking me up from my sleep,and scolded by me instead.listened to each of my remorse whenever i cried over some papers that i knew i could do a lot better back then. you gave me hope that we might have our delightful success doing our own way and finally we succeed!alhamdulillah..

thank you.thank you to all of you out there that i may not mention here,but i really thank all of you.let the fight continues so our journey will end with smiles on our faces,and bring the scroll that we dream every single night back home..=) 

3rd year?bring it on!!

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