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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

would it be great if i could just inject some spirit into my veins and then it would go straight to heart,to lungs to be processed and then heart back to be pumped all over the body.i need the WILL to study.is it only me to be feeling like this?feeling too impossible and irrevocably hard to digest all the stuff needed for the upcoming exam.haih.please help me Allah.this weakest devotee of Yours is in her frustrating and at her lowest moment she could ever be.i want to go back with a peaceful mind.so,Fakultas Kedokteran UNPAD.please spare me!

2 pssstt:

norfaridahanum said...

hik..xde kaitan ngan entry..
but daisypath tuh ckp "1YEAR 1MONTH 1WEEK N 1DAY" wow! cantikya nombor.moga kekal hingga syurga,korang

Lola MK said...

thank u nway~hee..hope ur doing fine there babe.missing u so much here..

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