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caffeine vs. gastritis

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hi people.this morning i am not being myself.i hate to make such an emo entry early in the morning with my new cute background that can make me feel giddy each time i look at it.haha.entah apa2.aku bengang ni,aku nak puasa hari ni.and then aku terlepas sahur.terus bad mood.ibu called me to wake me up for subuh.and i DID NOT wake up.i mean,i THOUGHT i did,but i didn't.do you know what i mean?i thought i get up from bed and take my wuduk and pray.but it was just a mere imagination of mine who was peacefully sleeping!!!!idiot!i hate whenever things like this happened!when i opened my eyes,it was nearly 7 in the morning.aku rasa bodoh gila.benci ah macam ni.

ok.tu satu cerita yang memang boleh bikin hati panas sepanjang hari.berdosa dowh tinggal solat.aku nak jadi budak baik.tak boleh ke?biar ah!mana ada orang nak jadi jahat selamanya walaupun aku tau dulu aku memang jahat.ok now pun aku jahat tapi aku tengah nak jadi baik la ni.alaaa...support la sikit orang nak jadi baik.haha!ok.apa entah aku merapu ni.

anyhow,since i miss my sahur,i can't fast today.ok.sure korang kata,gedik gila!mengada2 cari alasan.bukan budak kecik nak mesti2 sahur ni.i know certain people jenis yang MESTI sahur punya kalau nak puasa,tapi siapa yang kenal aku sure tahu aku jenis yang memang tak larat nak bangun sahur,and since when pulak aku kisah nak bangun sahur except for the 1st 3 days of Ramadan to appease my mom.hehe.ok.nak dijadikan cerita.since i was 12 i have gastritis.but it is mild and i don't think that it might be getting worse yada yada.

and as you all know that i really fond of coffee,cappuccino,latte,mochacino,frappucino and all the relatives they got in caffeine family and even for tea.do you know that tea contains caffeine except for herbal and fruit teas?(however,fruit flavoured teas do contain caffeine as much as the common black or green tea) ok kasi informative sikit ini blog.haha!so,back to the topic.it is not good for gastritis patient to have these caffeinated drinks.i'm not quite sure the mechanism of how they could aggravate the gastritis condition,but it happens.and here i am.

and as far as i remember when i went to the clinic for meds last year,the doctor told me that my gastritis was still in mild condition.and the last time i went to the clinic this year,the doctor mocked me when i said that i'm having mild gastritis.ha.ha.so funny doctor.nak dijadikan cerita sakit aku ni dah teruk la.and i am forbidden to have caffeine,at least no coffee.tea is still allowed but not much.oh such a waste the pearl kacip fatimah cafe 3 in 1 that i brought from malaysia.haih..

dan yang menambah sebal dalam hatiku ini ialah this morning all of sudden,i AM craving for frappucino.err..and i even plan to make a cup of pearl kacip fatimah's coffee afterwards.how's that?sounds normal.but it's a SUICIDE for a person like me!oh,i have a friend who faces the same problem.farhana yem.she's been having this problem and complained all the time,and i didn't think that i might have the same problem and again.here i am.curl up in my bed when the pain come.

another problem.since i really crave for the drink,i think i'll take some precautions like prepare the meds and all,but where can i get a nice glass of cooled frapucino(read : starbucks) cause i'm a fan of it.but i have stopped purchasing from this coffeehouse.duwwhh~i don't want to be one of those who spent their money on that damned Zionis to crush my brothers and sisters in Palestine!enough said.so it's Jatinangor we're talking about here.you can't even find this place on map.so save your sweats.you can hardly find a good cup of coffee.my type of coffee.

so can you see why am i so torn up this morning?why do i have to make my life more complicated than it already does?haha.pure siti khadijah.i guess that's me.=)

p/s: might be seeking for a DECENT frappucino later around this small town.i have to.

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