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Friday, July 16, 2010

holiday with family is a very convenient gateway to peaceful mind from all the books and assignments.nice.i don't remember the last time i went somewhere with my family to just lay back and relax on the white sand or inhale the cool air on a highland or something.after i finished my final paper for DMS-HIS i called my mom and asked her whether we could go somewhere when i got back to Malaysia.you know,just to clear up my mind before my new semester began.so we had this idea to spend in langkawi.and a friend of mine suggested to take a island hopping package available there.unfortunately,i have to stay to amend my trashy pointer.ha.ha.

and because i cannot go back after the 2nd judicium,i am a little bit frustrated over the fact that i have to straight away start my new semester for the cardiovascular system before i can go back for Eid.well, CVS is no toy to play with people.haih..i don't think my brain can ever be functioning properly during that short period.so i asked (read:BEGGED) adin to spend a few days at Jakarta to play at the famous Ancol or just do some sightseeing and window shopping there (as if i can do that ;P).anyway.still in plan.nothing can be confirmed right now.everything is so vague in my eyes.hahaha~

and cause i'm still not satisfied that i can't go somewhere with my family,i planned to persuade my mom to go for a family holiday during my short stay or homecoming or whatsoever you call it.so i browsed the internet and sought for a few destinations around the Peninsula that suited our taste of vacation.hehe.and then,this morning,i called my mom and told her my plan.she was not quite sure over the plan,afraid that it would be such a hassle for me since i would not be around for long.well, since i want this so i think it won't be so much problems.all i can say right now is my mom is still considering this and that.you know.MOMS~ just wait and see.hee~

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