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Thursday, February 3, 2011

ok.tiada motif sungguh tajuk entry ni.hehe.sorry peeps.it's just that recently,a thought has often crossed my mind.i want to be "in the underground" for sometime.back off from everything.it's kind of lame and stupid.but i really don't know why.sigh.but,i can't.the purpose i come back to this net world is that my friends want me to.seriously,i've made an FB account just for the sake of a friend of mine that asked me to do so.and for God sake,we (adin and me) made a joint account!gila pemalas kan?i love pretty pictures,so i've made a tumblr account.i have the urgency to write my feelings,or else i'll die,so i blog them.i need to babble stupid things from time to time,so i made a twitter account.formspring la,apa laa lagi..sigh again.

why can't i deactivate all of my social network accounts:

1- from time to time,my friends come to bandung.they need my help in accommodation etc.
2- i love to see happy faces of my friends.
3- i need to know about my friends' updates.
4- some of my family members already have FB accounts.i don't want to answer their "WHYs"
5- i love reading my friends' updates.at least i know how they feel.

and the list goes on and on..so all i can do is to be silent.just looking at the pictures without commenting.sometimes i'd give comments but just as a reminder to my friends that i'm still alive.i'm happy in my own tiny world,surrounded by strangers here.but i'm a lot happier to see my friends' smiles.looking good in pretty dresses during summer.have a vacation with bf on a star cruise.go travel around europe.make a snowman during winter.i'm honestly happy to see them with their new friends,albeit sometimes i envied those new friends cause it was me who once with them.but i'm cool with that.because we grow up.meet new people around the world.see beautiful places.talk different languages.we live our life.and i'm living mine to the extent that i don't want to regret when i'm,like what,69.i don't wanna say i wish i did this and i went there or i tasted that.i wanna feel satisfied.life is all about satisfaction.am i right?
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