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diclofenac sodium 50mg enteric coated -edited

Sunday, February 6, 2011

this drug is indicated for inflammatory and degenerative forms of rheumatism,rheumatoid arthritis,ankylosing spondylitis,osteoarthrosis,and spondyloarthritis.it is also used in patients with complaint of painful syndromes of the vertebral column,non-articular rheumatism and acute attacks of gout.this drug can occasionally cause gastrointestinal disorders; headache,dizziness,vertigo; rash; elevation of serum transaminases.

ok.am i the one to be blamed or the doctor himself?it's a long story.i don't want to waste the time talking about unnecessary story.you've asked whether or not i'm having gastric.why didn't you prescribe along with omeprazole?it's really painful.i feel like someone has kicked me at the stomach with a pointed boot or something.why didn't i care to check on the drug before taking it?because i trust the doctor.next time.i'll check the meds myself before leaving the clinic.

am still having the pain from last night.not taking that meds anymore.i'd rather put on balm on my back.okthanksforreadingbye.

p/s: this post has been edited. ;P

p.p/s: kind of weird.it's a simply painkiller.why does it have such side effects?

p.p.p/s: and it's so irony.painkiller should have killed the pain,not exacerbate it.=)

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iamme said...

klola take care k. n get well soon. with love, miza
hope u feel better ♥

ummufurqan said...

Aku pnah mengalami situasi ni...wuwu~ masa remed 1st year dulu. Amek ubat sakit blakang, last2 ha amik kau gastrik dahsyat tak ingat. huhuu.

Makan jela ubat tu beb, but tambah dgn ubat gastrik skali. Nway you shud hv gastric meds ready just in case lambat makan ke apa.. (me too)

get well soon dear

Lola MK said...

ok..kenape korg siap bubuh2 nama ni..hehe..nk bubuh gak laa..haha

miza :tq dear..=)

farhana :uuuu..tensi amat jiwaku..tp apakan daya..anyhow,sy mkn ubat itu.abis xm nnt time cuti mau pegi x-ray vertebra la..wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

NSAIDs are contraindicated for patient with gastric ulcer..u shud know that by now :)

Lola MK said...

anonymous: that's why i said why didn't he prescribe along with omeprazole..it's ok anyway.going to the clinic again.this time it's x-ray time!yeah~

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