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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

i went through my respiratory system exam in pain.i don't know what caused my tummy to be in such a cramping pain,worse than period pain i tell you.sorry ibu if i disappointed you.i couldn't do much about it.anyway,me and adin watched a movie titled rock star.kinda cool,except for certain nude scenes.besides that,it's cool.i've even downloaded a few of the soundtracks from the movie.hmmm..my shoulder is gonna kill me someday,i swear.it's extremely painful.i guess i can only endure it.anyhow,thanks to Allah that we passed our oral test the other day.so..we are free tomorrow.teehee~we plan to do some shopping.adin wants a pair of new futsal shoes.and he's run out of his perfume.i'm going to buy a blender.hehe.of all things,why blender lola..haha~.and we're gonna celebrate an early 6th day,since we have exams on 7th and 8th and thanks to our faculty administration,we have to call off our trip to Bali!yeah.thanks for wasting our money!please do everything as you please.i am so tired trying to put up with this kind of people.enough said.really not in the mood.

3 pssstt:

Fatehah Hashim said...

jual ah tiket tu...

iamme said...

uuu? ticket to bali?
da bli ticket ke?

Lola MK said...

teha: tade sape tgh cuti..nk jual kt sape?huhu

miza:dah lame da bli..brkurun da..huhu

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