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Saturday, February 12, 2011

bonjour!ok people.there's nothing exciting to share anyway.i've spent most of my time watching anime and movies and also drama series.oh,i got myself a new phone.it's xperia X8.very affordable.iPhone?oh..akhirnya iPhone 4 dah keluar.tapi belajar kat Bandung bukan dapat 800 USD sebulan ye?jadi kita beli la seadanya.tak apa.nanti dah jadi doktor,macam2 model yang keluar.pakai la apa pun..=)

i've been thinking of sharing any of the thoughts in my mind with you guys.but i just don't know which one.huhu.and i don't feel like writing.but today,i said to myself that i must write something.so here i am.=)

i've just realised that i'm not good in cooking.hihi.seriously,i'm not good.i can cook but i'm not a good cook.especially the sweet stuff albeit i love them all the time.hence,i'm thinking of taking classes,baking classes,when i've finished my study while waiting for the placement.i know it's kind of late,but better late than never.age is not a hurdle to stop you from doing things you wanna do.even if i don't have the chance later,i will still find the chance to learn,maybe from someone who's good in baking.=)

sekarang semangat nak masak dah berkobar2.nak masak lunch pulak.tapi hari ni kita masak simple2 je la ye,fridge dah kosong.hehe.toodles!

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