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Thursday, August 26, 2010

feel like typing something.but somehow nothing seems to cross my mind.or is there too much in my mind,i don't know.my emotion.it's in up and down phase.euphoria at a time.and crying like a baby in the next minute.such fluctuating emotion,hormonal changes?may be.then i guess i should add up a few more pages of my Quran recital everyday.

i've been thinking a lot lately.am i ready to be a grown up?i'm talkative.should i talk less?oh i did that.i guess i actually talk less since early 2008.after my A-Level turned out to be thrash.i lost my esteem.people who just knew me might think that i still talked a lot.well,i did a whole lot more before =).oh and now i'm still being talkative but with certain people that are very,very close to me.with them,i have nothing to hold back.at least i can feel alive when i'm with them.

oh.i need to change a lot more.i mean i'm such a lazy bone.procrastination is my speciality.nagging is my favourite pastime.suka cari pasal (people always have issues with me,which i don't know why cause aku tak pernah sibuk pun hal orang).kuat makan yang akhirnya membawa kepada kegemukan.haih.tak baik mengeluh.so let's change lola.change to the better.i can do this.i have to change if i want to do better in my study.kalau tak target tahun ni tak kan tercapai.oh no!it's payback time.no more play around please..got to try.i have to.

p/s: been thinking to put far behind things that have passed.don't want to keep them in my heart anymore.i want to be a matured adult =).and yet i just cannot forgive everything as simple as that.still childish.haha.entah.jangan kacau hidup aku sudahlah..

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