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Sunday, August 8, 2010

i'm still tired
my face is swelling
i'm allergic to the water at the Atlantis
i'm happy cause i'm back to my messy room =)
it's painful,my face =(
i feel satisfied with the trip
i went to the clinic this morning
jakarta is so pack!
i had my adrenaline (^0^)
jakarta is stinky!
i want to play again!
eeeuuuwww jakarta~
hotel:comfy.great service.love it!
Dufan is awesome!
my face feels itchy.
Dufan is totally cool!
i want to scratch.
Atlantis is so,so..
no,i can't scratch
damn..it's itchy
will update later

3 pssstt:

~ nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar ~ said...

t8 care kak lola
jgn scratch kalo x nak parut

iamme said...

uuuuu. atlantis tuh ape?
haha[tataw ni]

Lola MK said...

sya: sdg berusaha utk mengabaikan kegatalan tgn utk menggaru kulit yg sdg kgatalan.haha!

miza: cm water theme park ala2 sunway lagoon or afamosa water park..huhu

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