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Sunday, March 21, 2010

ohhhh..tadi celik je mata terus ym dengan kawan.kat malaysia.dah nak masuk 2 tahun tak jumpa. lama gila tak borak dengan dia. Allah saja yang tahu rindunya saya pada dia =). for the first time in 2 years we could really have a conversation. and i haven't see her in 2 years too. a lot of things had happened then.so just now we kind of catching up secara summary je la kan.huhu. ohhh..it was a very tough time for her. she's doing medic too you see.third year in egypt. but she had to come back and study in Malaysia (which she had to start from the first year again)because her mom had an accident and was treated for cervical spondylosis.(spondylosis to put in simple words is the breakdown of vertebrae. which in this case is cervical vertebra. if you're not familiar with medical term.cervical is pertaining to the neck).ok. the good thing is this beautiful and amazing girl has started  to wear tudung. Alhamdulillah..but then.she broke up with her bf.for me the reason for the break up is unacceptable. what was the reason?biarlah between saya dan dia sahaja.tak baik buka aib orang.berdosa. she's moving on. good for her. even though it's really hard for her,but i can tell that she's coping with her predicament with excellence!go girl!! she's doing great.i'm proud of her.i have no doubt in her.may she be blessed by all happiness to face the world..Ameen~

we exchange gift last time we met (2008)

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iamme said...

k.lola nye yg merah en? hihi. i think i've seen it b4

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

hahaha..rite~she gave d red one.i gave her dat yellow one.huhu..comel kn?kn?kn? =)

iamme said...

chomelChomelChomel. hihi

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