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Friday, March 19, 2010

i wanna go back! i wanna go back! i wanna go back!i just wanna go back! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ i'm pleading you..(err..who did i plead to?) ahhh~~i just don't care.i miss my mom.i miss my brothers and sister.i miss my friends. wuwuwuwuwu~~~ T_T 

i know i always tarik muka when my mom starts babbling how lazy i am at home.i  know i hate my brothers because they are the laziest creatures on earth so they will never help me doing the chores.i know i really,totally and absolutely dislike my sister because she just as lazy as me and she always being selfish.

but i just miss them.BADLY.i wanna go home..

i miss talking to my mom.listen to her complaining about the works.about the house chores.about the siblings who never help.about everything.i hate to say this but i just miss Adam and Ewan who love to menyakat adik2. how i miss Amat's husky voice which i guess must have changed since he's reaching his puberty in like a year or two.or has he reached his puberty already?err..i don't know.and i have to admit that i actually miss Imah. though she's such a pain in the ass.i like her.A LOT. 

Ibu with Uncle Ronald

Adam Maleeq

Idris Ridwan

Muhammad Nur Zein & Siti Fatimah

i know even though they hate whenever i'm at home,they still want me to be there.maybe just to cook for them.or doing the laundry.or scrubbing the toilet.i don't care.at least they miss me for something.   

and i miss SHOPPING!!i don't care if i don't have cash in my pocket.i couldn't care less.at least i can do some window shopping.meet my old friends.whatsoever laa kan..

sangat suka pergi bandar naik bas

makan durian!!


p/s: biasalah tu..dah dekat2 exam ni,mulalah.. =)

2 pssstt:

cactus biru said...

kak lola..
orang pun homesick! wuwuwu~
nak balik gak..

btw, baru tau ada blog.minta izin link kan eh..tq!

lolalolipoplolita~ said...

eh sile2~
hihi..jom balik has!!

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