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Thursday, March 3, 2011

sorry..hilang kejap..sesat tak jumpa address blog.hehe..ok..i have a lot to share but i was a bit busy. apparently,my hands are still full.so will update when i have settled down a bit ok?however,i'm going to share a bit about few of my latest activities.=)

last week i had chy's visiting me.we had only a short moment to spend together over the dinner at Sierra, Dago Atas.it was a lovely view.owhh,i left my camera,so can't tell more.she'll upload the pictures later,when she's back in India.anyways..she got me and Adin a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt each.so sweet right? ;) i miss her already.girl,go find yourself a good and handsome bf ok?

and,this weekend,wawa is coming!we gotta meet up ok?don't leave Bandung before you see me alright?hee~

ohh..now,we are busy from some students activities..it's some kind of sports carnival or something..we are against other batches..it's fun..and absolutely exhausting!i guess i've lost my stamina..gotta get it back soon.but here i am,blogging instead of step out for jogging or go to the gym nearby.aiyoooo lola..don't be such a lazy lady~

owhh..another good news!we won the 3rd place for netball match~yeay!we hardly practiced back then,haha!so we're cool for still getting a place.haha!

well that's all for now..till i find my way back here..au revoir!
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