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Thursday, March 24, 2011

yup.that's me!bonjour everyone~it's a lovely morning to start with.and i am stealing a couple of minutes from my precious time, since i am in an absolute busy period of the semester, just to share some thoughts with you guys.a couple of minutes la sangat kan.hehe.

anyway,i never thought that being a 3rd year medical student would be as busy as this.i mean with UTS (Ujian Tengah Semester) in less than two weeks, having MAISEN'11 next week with me as Ketua Biro Acara & Protokol, and Olymphiart'11 next month with me handling the cosplay contestants from KPBI students, to add up my madness,minor thesis title has to be submitted this coming Monday if i plan to use my own title.*though actually Dr. Lulu is the one who suggested me the title ;P.since she rejected my original title.sedih :(*and i haven't contact Dr.Gaga to consult Bagian Nutrisi over the title.

tambah lagi dah lama tak call ibu.and ibu pun busy and tak call me,so i'm a bit depressed with the fact that i dah lama tak borak with my own mom.apatah lagi adik-beradik.hailoh.dah la setengah tahun tak balik.orang lain dah berkali2 balik Malaysia.tak apalah..ini semua sementara.

nak menangis pun tak sempat sebab takut buang masa.hahaha.kelakar.sini jela tempat nak melepas perasaan.=)

ok.a couple of minutes dah lama berlalu.rasa dah macam a couple of hours.wasted.adoyai~next time kita share lagi ok?*as bubbly as ever*

till next time,with lots and lots of love..au revoir!

2 pssstt:

Fatehah Hashim said...

amboih tan sri..soo busy~=)

Lola MK said...

nk buat cemane..u pn pe kurg nye dato' teha..hehe

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