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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

life does not revolve around me.but MY life does.so do yours.

she might be thinking of you,but doesn't mean she likes you.she might be hating you,or she felt nothing.who knows.so let her be.

he might see me as a nuisance.yes,i might be a burden.and yet,he keeps on holding me in his arms while watching movies on the couch.i'm grateful for that.

they might say that we're not competent compared with them.but they aren't the best either..

life does not revolve around us.but this is my story.and this is my 2 cents..and i don't know about yours..

2 pssstt:

iamme said...

kenapa 2sen je?

Lola MK said...

sebab im nobody..haha..if add up with urs bole jd 4sen alrdy.hihi..

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