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Sunday, November 28, 2010

this morning i've got the urge to write on something concerning my passion, dancing.there are a lot of issues surfacing when we talk about dancing.and yeah, poll dance is a type of dance.but don't be so judgemental upon people who loves to dance or upon those who dance to make a living.at least not to me and my friends.this thought has been in my head for like what,a century.i don't know.so please bear with me.it's like a piece of my mind.do not jump to any conclusion.there are a lot more of pieces of my puzzle-mind before you can define me.ok.here it goes..

does it never occur to your mind that we are actually "forced" to dance.we dance.but not because we want to.we don't offer people to take our performance.yes,we do take payment when we perform but not all events we've been paid.and we're not professionals.we are amateurs.who's gonna pay for the costumes and make-ups anyway?

i don't know about the place where you come from.but from my point of view,as an UNPAD students in malaysian community,we hold a lot of big events once in a while.thus,we're always been "asked" to prepare dance performances.an opening dance,a closing dance,a zapin or joget performance etc. etc.sometimes we have to prepare a few dances for a single event.

please remind yourself that we are MEDICAL students, NOT art & culture students.we have a lot of more important things to do than dancing.we have a future to chase,a dream to catch and a hope to fulfill.and yet we put them on the stake just to entertain a bunch of inconsiderate and ungrateful VIPs or VVIPs.

people will ask (sounds more likely to condemn) why do you agree to dance in the first place?why don't you just refuse?let me ask you something.do you think that you live alone here or with your friends, seniors, juniors, group of malaysian students who live far from family?when a person or a friend comes to you and asks for your help that you know you can do it,to add up,the person knows how much you love dancing,can you simply deny?when you know no one else will do,no matter how hard the person begs them,you will be reconsidering for sure.i don't know about others but i do.

VIPs or VVIPS are the guests.do you think that the big boss will approve if the performance comes from a group of students who dance like robots?(unless it's a robotic dance of course) i'm not saying that i'm good,but at least i have experiences.and people knows my name because i dance in lots of occasions  (have to cancel that cause it sounds cocky.well,i don't mean to.).if me and my friends are recruiting students, especially juniors, to be committees  for an event or organization,the first thing that come to their mind is they have to dance.nonsense!please don't label people.it pollutes your mind with unnecessary and stupid thoughts.eventually it'll make you look stupid.

put that aside.what i'm trying to say is how inconsiderate a human can be over things that don't concern them.dancing isn't just about moving to the beats.it's more than that.a whole lot more than that.especially when dancing in group.we need cooperation among the dancers,synchronization with the other dancers,expression of the songs and passion in the dance.it's a symbol that we try to show them.we don't need applauses or any standing ovation from the audience.but an appreciation is enough.an understanding of how much hard works we put into the dance.

who said that dancing doesn't need to get focus and give commitment?a practice for a day may take the whole day just to learn the steps for a single verse,depends on how complicate the steps are.we don't play when we practice.it is always serious.like a group of corporate men having a meeting.it's just that we do our meeting with dancing.it's frigging tiring!is it too hard to understand that we use a lot energy that we are short of ATPs until a lot of lactic acid accumulate in our muscles?

there are certain people who don't like things we do.we are those who show off our body to other people.we are those who do things that aren't supposed to be done.we are the sinful people.oh..maybe these people forget that they come from a cultural race.forgetting how different the ways we are brought up by our parents compared with theirs.

if you don't like what we do,that's ok.we can't care less.but next time don't find us,asking for ANY dance performance.we don't dance to get humiliated.we dance because we love to and we want to preserve our culture.we don't condemn on what you do because we know you fight for your belief and we RESPECT that fact being the most humble servant we are to The Creator.so please don't condemn us for fighting ours.

and yet there are people who don't judge others easily.thanks to those who understand our circumstances.to any event organizer who still want us.thank you for the supports.please forgive me for my harsh words and sharp tongue.but if you don't think of us being like stated above,there's no need to be bothered about it.this is what i've been going through since high school.so please don't get touchy so easily.it annoys me.

p/s: i always think of how they let us,the bad people, do the dirty works and end up in hell while they,the good people, peacefully go to heaven.

pp/s: we, dancers don't really want to stay forever like this.we will change one day.to the better us.please pray for us.

ppp/s: i want to be a doctor.i'll stop dancing.soon.very soon.=)

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Fatehah Hashim said...

I love dancing! Never think of stopping though...Be true to yourself..Everything else doesn't matter.

Lola MK said...


norfaridahanum said...

i've stopped,guess so....but will never stop missing it..dowhhhh.

Lola MK said...

obviously anum!!those memories will never fade away insyaAllah..it's our passion.we r gonna miss these things bile kite sume da settle down.having kids..ahhh~~

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