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so what?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

so what if i don’t have stack of sweet valley high series?
so what if i don’t read olsen twins’ teen novels?
so what if i will forever hate sidney sheldon’s writing style?
so what if i never heard of dan brown until i watch the movies?
so what if i don’t even know who is john grisham?
so what if i only read enid blyton once in my entire 22 year-old-life?
so what if i love judith mcnaught and amanda quick romance novels?
so what if i adore stephanie meyer’s twilight saga?
so what if i read malay novels during my junior high?
so what if i’m not good in english?
do you have any problem with that?

2 pssstt:

norfaridahanum said...

aq baca enid blyton [betul ke eja cmnih] yangtranslate ke BM je.toink!ade nak 20 buku gak r aq baca.haha.chill je r.

Lola MK said...

haha..comel la ko..chill la ni..hihi..enid blyton tu pn aku bace time aku f1 ke f2..sebab segan sgt kwn brcerita pasal enid blyton n i dun hv a single clue who's that is?

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