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Saturday, October 23, 2010

good morning people!this morning i woke up with a vague feeling of queasiness in my tummy.it's been a few days already.hmm..since i don't usually take my meal on the right time.perhaps that's why i never get rid of my gastritis problem.it's normal anyway, at least for me.so i won't complaint.i won't nag.

i'm going to grocery shopping today.=) finally.i've run out of all sabun..my shower cream.dish washing gel.clothes detergent etc.etc.i need to buy milk.doctor said that i'm lack of calcium.and i'm absolutely going to buy a bar of cadbury.a large one.how i miss indulging myself with chocolate..yummy~

i'm craving for a sip of caffeinated drink.but i can't risk my stomach.i can't bear with the pain.it's the ultimate pain.afraid that i would end up rolling in bed.such an unproductive saturday is only going to annoy me.very much.hmm..

*thinking.considering.still can't decide*

p/s: i don't want to post another emo entry today.at least not on saturday.it's an emo-free day.let us all relax from the hustle and bustle of the world for the weekend..=) have a nice relaxing weekend people!

-peace & love-

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