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Sunday, February 7, 2010

yesterday..we were celebrating our 8th monthiversaries(hoho..aku suke buat perkataan baru nih ;P).where else kalau bukan BANDUNG.we were heading bandung around half past ten in the morning with pak dedeq as our supir (=driver).the interesting part was just the two of us occupying the whole van.haha.normally kalau ramai2 nak pegi bandung kami akan share sama2 rent car like apv,mpv or avanza.but since pak dedeq didn't have any sedan,we were like,"ok fine.just the two of us.=)".tapi kami tadelah nak duduk belakang goyang kaki korek gigi gosok perut macam bos.adin duduk at the front seat.i'm at the back. actually pak dedeq ni dah biasa dengan kami berdua.so, it's kinda cool to know someone like pak dedeq.ok..enough with pak dedeq.

the first place we went was BEC.i'm sorry i forgot what BEC stands for.this place is like low yatt in malaysia.sure korang fikir ape la celebrate kat tempat cam low yatt.sabar dulu..we went there cause i wanna buy printer's ink.dah lama dah.back then,when i went back to malaysia,i was supposed to buy the refill.but then i forgot to check my printer's model.so i'm afraid the ink would not be compatible with my printer.in the end i bought the new cartridges.right now i feel so lame cause when i read the label at the back i realise that they shipped in these cartridges from malaysia.(-_-") ohh..the stupidity is all over me.ahhh..i don't give a s*.

then we went to have lunch in a sundanese restaurant since we were treating pak dedeq.rupa-rupanya makan kat kedai sunda macam makan kat ampera.the food also lebih kurang.tapi kami puas hati la..harga pun boleh tahan.ok la..

selesai makan.ok.shopping mode had turned on!adin had never went to RUMAH MODE (a very popular factory outlet here indeed).so,we went there.he looked for shirts i looked for some kind of dresses or blouses.i guess next time i don't wanna come here with adin.rumah mode is the right choice for women.not men.aku rambang mata duduk situ.tapi adin ade limited choice.kesian adin.tape sayang.lain kali pegi heritage k?sana lagi banyak.tak pun F.O kat dago..lagi bagus.back to the story.dekat sana,i eventually bought a blouse.very nice.i like it.very much.adin got himself a shirt.kotak2..he never had one.so i suggested him to buy one =).and then before we left,i accidentally saw a long-sleeved t-shirt.waahhh~~very nice.even though the colour was just dull grey,but the material sangat lembut and 100% cotton.tak panas.(actually aku ternampak sebab style baju tuh ala2 bella swan.you know,button at the front etc. etc. ;P) ok2.kesimpulannya,i didn't know whether to buy it or not.and then my superhuman came and saved me of course.adin bought me the t-shirt. lalala~ ^_^

the next destination was PARIS VAN JAVA.haa..this was actually the ultimatum idea why were we out here in bandung.it's because i wanna get myself a very nice sling bag which i found in our previous trip to PVJ last december at the esprit outlet.i already knew from hajar that the pink bag is no longer available,only the green bag left.waaaaaaaa!!!!~~nak jugak!nak jugak!so that day we were planning to deal with the outlet whether if we could order it cause i AM WILLING to wait.huhu.the girl who attended me said that it's hard to say cause   it depended on the availability of the product.ok i still can risk on that.but her next words crushed my chance to nil.she said at least they could order when new stuff were being sent.but the problem was barang baru sampai semalamnya..ceeesssss!!!!ni yang aku hangin satu badan nih!sudahnya aku pilih beg lain..haihh..dalam kepala otak aku,aku sangat pasti aku akan end up spending more than i expect sebab aku nih,kalau tak dapat barang yang aku nak (=walaupun aku dapat jugak sling bag tapi BUKAN YANG AKU NAK in the first place),aku akan beli apa saja untuk lepaskan geram.(which i did in this sling bag case).hmm..bahaya kan? so before aku beli kami blah dulu.konon nak cari kat kedai lain.mana tau ada yang berkenan di hati.huhu.

masuk sogo.haa..jangan ingat KL je de sogo.bandung pun ada tau..sampai sini konon nak cari couple t-shirt baru.almaklum lah V day kian menjelang,semangat adin nak beli baru,huhu (sebab yang beli before nih dia tak sure dekat mana..kat rumah kat kajang ke dah hilang..hmm..). lepas tuh pusing2 nampak 1 shirt nih.kotak2 jugak!huhu..die suke pastu tatau nak beli ke tak.haha~aku pun cakap la aku support half.kira aku belanja gak la..hahah..lepas beli baju adin,baru round2 dalam tuh tengok bahagian handbag..hmm..kalau da tak nak tuh..sogok la guess ke..LV ke..tak hingin aku..hihi..apa lagi..patah balik ke esprit..haihh..

i just took the bag,passed it to the  previous girl that talked to me and looked around.then when i was counting the money,the guy on the counter said to me if i wanna buy anything else to make it 750k total so i could get a 100k voucher.tau2 je aku ni memang mencari lubang menempah maut sendiri.haha.apa lagi seluruh kedai tuh adin and me search for something that not too expensive.ohh i'm such a spender and yet a cheapskate.senang cerita aku cerewet. ;P ok.found a comfortable zebra printed t-shirt with XL size left.yellow plak tuh..i H.A.T.E yellow.but the yellow was a nice yellow not that striking,look-at-me kind of yellow.i guess,it's time for me to stop hating yellow.yellow had done nothing wrong.huhu.ok.aku pun tak pernah ada baju warna kuning selain dari baju feskott (t-shirt sukan time kt ktt).yellow then..so aku pun habis 800k jugak la in a single outlet.

our final stop would be ciwalk!we went there and watched the spy  next door.it was totally fun!hahaha~if you got any chance,go get a ticket and watch this movie.it is worthwhile.then adin brought me to a souvenir store and he got me a very huge and huggable patung giraffe and a small giraffe pillow for the ulangbulan present.i remembered he gave me a cute little frog(patung of course) for our 3rd month ulangbulan.hihi..frog tuh kami bagi nama keroro(=kewowo).for the giraffe we call it GG.we had japanese for dinner at gokana teppan.sangat kenyang,alhamdulillah.after that,we went back to jatinangor.

hmm..worn out.tak larat lagi dah..selesai solat,sempat salin baju je.online skype.wish good night to adin.close my eyes.lena.itu pun ada mimpi merepek mula2 lepas tuh,gelap.sedar2 da subuh.ok.here are fews of pics yang sempat kami snap untuk korang lihat2..

akhirnya sampai jugak adin ke sini

kelihatan gemuk di sini 

i had a splendid time with my dearest sweetheart.thank you for everything sayang.may Allah bless our relationship.semoga jodoh kita berkekalan hingga ke akhirat sana..

hei kau!yang di sana.yang bernama ahmad fakharuddin kamil!aku sayang kamu.. *blushing*

sayang kamu

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