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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

i've made final decision to move into that orange house.i don't think i can get a small house for two in this very short time.ergo,i'm making a decision for me and hajar (thank God,she's not the fussy one.it's me whom very particular and fussy over things like windows and toilet ;P).my reasons/excuses/opinions/whatever you can call them, are:

1-it's nearer to the road (so it's easier to take angkut to class), less sweating!hoyeah~
2-i can see Ngeumong straight from the house.(boleh tengok bola selalu!^_^ )
3-much much much cheaper..(boleh saving untuk kahwin..hehe)

these are the three essential reasons why i want to move into that big orange house though there are only local students who live there..tak apalah..bukan sorang2 pun..dengan hajar..=)

6 pssstt:

smile said...

umah oren mane kak lola? umah besar kongsi2 ker beb? heheh

Lola MK said...

haah..rumah besar..dr dlm sukawening bole nmpak..kalo dr luar nmpak pagar putih die je..huhu

iamme said...

uuuuu.. bile pindah? bila pindah? jemput la mz datangggggg!!! =p

Lola MK said...

haha..abis sem ni pindah la..alahai..die cume rumah banglo yg dibuat kosan..huhu..jemputla dtg nnt..huhu

Fatehah Hashim said...

housewarming!!!!!yeahhhhh!!!kemsalam hajar=)

Lola MK said...

haha..insyaAllah teha..=)

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