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let me love you

Friday, April 15, 2011

"biarkan aku 
menjalin asmara dengannya
yang kucinta..
janganku dihalang
walau pedang bukan penghalang.."

let me love him the way i love him now.let me love him the way i want.let me love him with my all.let me love him from the deepest depth of my heart.let my once broken heart healed from all the vicious scars.let my love wash away all the hurtful pain from my unerased past.let my love make it all disappear.say anything you wish.do everything you please.but you can't take away my love for him.tell me i'm doomed.tell me that life is done.i don't care.as long as he wants me with all his heart.gosh,i love him,God knows how much!

"if it's wrong to love you..
then my heart just won't let me be right..
cause i've drowned in you 
and i won't pull through
without you by my side.."

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