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Saturday, December 31, 2011

assalamualaikum..it's been a while since i last posted up anything here.thanks to the busy schedule that are always changing without prior notice. in a blink of eye, here comes the end of 2011.time does fly.last year i celebrated 2011 new year celebration with visitors from Malaysia, Fatehah and her mom, and my BFFs Fizati and Farhana, not forgetting Izwan and my cinta hati, Adin.

This year here i am,on my own,in my crib with Adin on Skype and the sounds of fireworks like the soundtracks that accompany my lonely new year night.*what's with the melodramatic atmosphere?*actually, i'm annoyed with the fireworks because, belum tahun baru lagi dah meletup2 dari pukul 8 tadi..what the katak laa kan? final exam starting from Monday onward with SOOCA as the opening feast of exam. yeah. i'm a dead meat. saya pasrah, tapi saya tak mahu menyerah. let me give my best shot for the very last SOOCA in FK UNPAD,Jatinangor. wish me luck?

anyhow, it's new year people.there's no need for new resolutions.enough with the never-achieved-resolutions from the yesteryear and previous ones.hehe.enough with just the thought of trying to be a better person than i am now. good luck to  me.and good luck to all of you.

p.s: ada orang remind kat twitter, tahun baru kita 1 Muharram..bukan 1 Januari.huhu..betul la tu..tapi inikan sekadar untuk sosialisasi..kitakan hidup bermasyarakat..

p.p.s: congratulations Anum on your wedding.barakallah..

p.p.p.s: i miss my friends.
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