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Sunday, December 4, 2011

bon soir! today i feel like writing.but i don't know what should i post up here.well,of course since my life here is not as interesting as others,there's nothing much to share.actually,i have a lot of stories,but yeah i'm lazy like a pig and everything and what not.and that's why.pfftt.

snippets of this upcoming week:

1. netball practices every evening until Wednesday.

2. the 6th and 7th case.OMG!ze finalz are juzt around ze corner~

3. next weekend will be the ultimatum of all.Bandung Games 2011!everyone is in the house people!!!

4. Adin will be having his band practices for almost everyday too.gonna miss him for a bit.;P

5. tomorrow,my group is having makan2.and Izyan is making nasi kerabu.yummaaayyyyhh!!so,i'll be bringing all the vegies.well of course,since i'm hantu sayur.hihi.

6. so tonight,me and Adin are going to Jatos to shop a bit.

7. and i'm bringing him to eat pecel lele (a type of indonesian cuisine using ikan keli) near the damri (bus stop).

so..i gotta have my shower now,or else,Adin's gonna smack me for my lateness.hee~till then.bye!

3 pssstt:

yananana said...

lolaaaaa, nnt jumpe ye kat bandung games. eh cuak lah plak ha, awak men position ape ni? mintak2 lah tak segroup, takot nak lawan org terer. hehe.

Lola MK said...

kita main attack..hihi.laa..apalah nak takut plak..kalo lepas grouping,kena jmp gak kn?;)nervous jgak da lama x join big tournament camni.see u this weekend!

yananana said...

aaaaaaaaaa. nape men attack? haha. tamolah men cmni. takot. heee! okie dear, see u for sure this saturday! :)

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