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beaching..bukan bitc*ing ye..

Friday, May 6, 2011

i don't even care if the word "beaching" does not even exist in webster,oxford,nor urban dictionary.but i'm so in the mood to play beach sand and enjoy the moment being afloat on the water.ergo,me,Adin and a couple of friends will be heading towards Pangandaran beach tonight,hoping that we could reach there just before the sunrise =).

kitorang memang pakat redah je ni..baru la adventure kan..maklumlah,busy memanjang.tambah pulak aku ni adrenaline junkie.terpaksalah layan kerenah aku..huhu.*lepas tu Adin yang penat drive,since he doesn't trust me to drive in this country,just yet..sorry dear ;P*

please pray for our safety back and forth okay?wish you bloggers a nice weekend ahead! ;)

p/s: happy 23rd 6th day my love!

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