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Saturday, December 4, 2010

hah!i have just realised how pathetic i am.i prone to share a lot of emotional stuff here, and happy stories?you can count them with your right fingers.haha!silly me.i used to talk a lot about dramas..duuhhh~life IS full of dramas.i think i should retire from being such a drama queen.hehe..well,i'm gonna try to lessen my sad,emotional entries cause i ain't that sad kind of person you know.i'm perky and happy person if you get to know me.it's just life has dragged me down.a lot.and i was drowned in it.but it's time to bounce back!=)

no matter what happened,i will fight back!maybe i'll be a bit down once in a while,i guess i just have to learn to bear with it and be a grown-up!there are lots of happy things and fun things waiting to be explored out there.let's enjoy every each of them.even for the simple small things,if we learn to cherish them,turns out we'll be smiling for the whole day.right?hope you guys are having a great weekend..=)

3 pssstt:

iamme said...

if you don't like something, change it. if you can't change it, change your attitude towards it. =)
someone told me this recently.
try apply it. it works for me(sometimes). hope you have a nice weekend too!!! mwahx99! =)

the red yellow said...

nak wat camne, perangai manusia kan lain2 ,perangai sendiri dah x terkawal apetah lai orang lain huhuhu(sambil berkata pd diri sendiri) hehe

lola,xper.drama pon drama lah,sat agi bosan plop idup x dop ape2 :P

iamme~ u said that to me recently too .. hehehehe

Lola MK said...

iamme : thank u!i'll try to apply that..=))

the red yellow : well..just have to bear with all of these for another few years before we get down with the real bussiness aite?

drama pn drama la..x ksah la ape pn..jnji kite sume happy.. -peace & love-

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