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Friday, April 30, 2010

it's another topic that i promised to share with you guys.well,let's start it with meeting people.we communicate.we know and learn about their characters.the good qualities and the not so good qualities that we found in people.first of all,please bear in mind that different people live in different circle of friends,being raised by different ways by parents,also have different point of views in any aspect of your life.so,let's say that i am the one with the not-so-good-qualities.should i be treated equally by others?or they could treat me disrespectfully without concerning my feelings?

well people, i know that you too are not perfect.just like me.but, i'm no maggot in your food (eeuuuwww!!!) that you could look at me in such a filthy feeling.and i'm no blind cause i can see it. who are you to judge me?i know things about you that you actually never realise or should i say you just don't want to admit?you've seen a lot of my mistakes and flaws and been pointing them out too,and you've been telling the world that you too are not completely without sins,and yet you're acting like you're an angel (but you're just not).such an irony philosophy you have there. 

hello people with poker face~don't think that you've known me your whole life,cause even my father doesn't know me that well either.i bet you don't even know your truly self,not just yet.cause i also have been learning myself and been trying to be a better person.and it's hard,really hard to change when you've been living your life like me since you were born.ohh..i'm sorry i haven't tell you guys how my childhood like but i don't plan to  do so either.well you see,not all people want to remember their childhood life ok?


dan kepada kau yang bertopeng,aku bukan macam diorang.tolong jangan nilai aku dengan apa yang kau nampak.tapi kalau kau nak nilai aku from that point of view,go ahead then.kau pun bukan baik sangat pada pandangan aku.*smirking* dan aku tak kisah kalau kau tak ada dalam hidup aku sebab aku tak mati pun kalau kau tak ada.haha~oh..aku bukan BENCI kau,cuma TAK SUKA je. sebab kau,kau dan kau suka sangat pakai topeng depan orang macam aku ni. 

and i've had enough with this kind of people.tired and bored.no more games ok.you guys dah tak fun lagi.aku nak cari game baru yang boleh buat aku teruja lagi dengan hidup ni.bye.

this one suits you well poker faces wekkk!! 

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