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Amr Diab

Friday, October 11, 2013

i learn to listen to arabic songs since 2000. the moment i first heard his beautiful voice, i just couldn't stop myself from replaying his Tamally Maak..beautiful song, it is.gosh.though i did not understand a word from the song, but i still could feel the love that he tried to convey through the song. menusuk kalbu. actually i still listen to that one song untill now.13 years.OMG.

and i actually never looked up for him, until now. sorry for being ignorant. anyhow hey, it's his birthday! Happy Birthday Amr Diab! may Allah bless you with all happiness in the world! no wonder i just couldn't stop listening to his golden voice. he's the King of Middle East!in music world, of course.fun fact there.

ok la. that's all for now.till then~

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