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how do you know?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

people often asked me, and they still do, how do you know it's him?i don't really know.but hey,i never feel this way before.anyhow,while i was "browsing" my tumblr dashboard.and i found this picture and i went "oh my God..this is so happening to me,oh my goodness.." etc etc etc.well actually not just these words..but at least these are just a part of those feelings..i don't know how to describe.let's just pray for the best for us okay?we plan but He will decide.may we be the best for each other.=)

p/s: sorry for the long silence.i'm having my final exam for this semester.
p.p/s: credit  the picture to -lost  in stereo

2 pssstt:

nur khairunnisa mohd azuhar said...

haha sya suke gak gmbar ni
dah save pon
kot2 satu hari nak gune gmbar ni gak :P

ps: they talk, n talk n talk n talkkkkk. but in the end, we r the one who need live our life, so let them be :)

Lola MK said...

anyway..rase mcm kjap je wafi mmbsar..huhu..he's so cute!

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